He Can’t Be RATIONAL – Richard Zona (Jr.)

November 22, 2018
If You Were Me Would You Let Richard Zona (Jr.) Off the Hook?
November 25, 2018
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He Can’t Be RATIONAL – Richard Zona (Jr.)

If Richard Zona (Jr.) was capable of being RATIONAL he would have done so many years ago. The sexual, emotional, and financial abuse horrors he committed on me and all the theft he committed, if he were rational, he would have made amends years ago. I would have forgiven him. I am a forgiving human being. It would be the best and healthiest end for our once family. He is not rational as he has taken so many down with him. Yet he persists on not making amends in this lifetime. It is not only tragic it’s a horror movie with Richard Zona (Jr.) as the MONSTER. He conned so many in California he is now in Florida and believe me he will CON again. It’s a fresh start in Florida as he has a whole new fish tank of fish. He will cast that line out to see who BITES. He’s always had the option to right the wrongs and ask for forgiveness, BUT HE WON”T. Instead he will just keep moving to new hungry fish. How many more will he bring down? How many more times will he use up anyone he can? Will it all come to a finish in Jupiter, Florida, we will see?

Goodness… lawyers hired, blog hacked, people going down, plane flights taken, phone calls made, family hurt, more lawyers hired, investigations, family ripped apart, moving across country, it would have been simpler and healthier to make amends. I wonder if his few stragglers have ever asked him to simply be rational?

** Monday is an important day.

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