I Am NOT A Sacrificial Lamb For Domestic Abuse
November 9, 2018
John Paul DeJoria – Watch Out India – Veecon Rok
November 13, 2018
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Two Platinum Blonds Having Lunch

Not one, but two platinum blonds had lunch today. Myself and a stunning beautiful woman that I had the pleasure of having a blind lunch with. She inspired me AGAIN today. Her smile beautiful, and her zest for life, a gorgeous soul, strength, and a brilliance of mind she is to humble to pronounce. She has a woman’s story too. Her strength was powerful to me. She overcame a lot. Too much. Why do we have to? Punished by men that should have loved us for eternity…..because we said NO or ENOUGH. She inspired me today. She even told me ” I can make it five days in jail and that maybe I should.” Hmmmmmmm. I’m tempted BIG TIME. So Somerville, Ma., Philadelphia, Pa, Shrewsbury, Ma, Austin, Tx and all you cockroaches checking my blog to see if I let anymore of your disgusting TRUTH out…..KEEP WATCHING. Blogs I can re release will be re released and maybe just maybe…… even those honest to goodness blogs that could send me to jail. I have a domestic abuse crime entwined true story to tell…………..one that is not even just mine, but instead many many many women’s stories.

**** The two judges in Riverside County, Ca should be ashamed of themselves.
**** And the skinny, quite ugly man, John Paul DeJoria can go to HELL. You owe some women an apology.

And my platinum blond new friend you taught me today with your amazing soul that I can keep at this until it’s concluded and keep my amazing soul. THANK YOU. I’m going to do just that.

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