I Am NOT A Sacrificial Lamb For Domestic Abuse

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November 8, 2018
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November 12, 2018
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I Am NOT A Sacrificial Lamb For Domestic Abuse

Shhh! Go away Tracy. “Be quiet.” “Take the terror, harassment, hits, stolen life, sexual abuse, financial abuse, and sexual abuse” and “GO AWAY TRACY”. Shhh! Keep domestic abuse quiet and secret as there are a handful of flying monkeys that want me too. As I have said they have tried terror, harassment, blog hacking, letters, and the courts and judges, to stop me. I was quiet for thirteen years after I escaped and rebuilt my life with nothing. I lost time and years and relationships, I will never regain, WHILE I WAS QUIET. NOW I AM STANDING TALL AND TELLING THE TRUTH. I AM NOT A SACRIFICIAL LAMB FOR DOMESTIC ABUSE FOR ANYONE! Sacrificing yourself to silence does not change domestic abuse and the life altering effects and devastation that comes with it.

On a happy note my WEEKEND WONDERLAND begins……….

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