Corruption Has Tried For Over A Year To Shut Me Down – I Am Still Here

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November 5, 2018
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November 8, 2018
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Corruption Has Tried For Over A Year To Shut Me Down – I Am Still Here

Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power

It’s a one year anniversary since I wrote a blog that started it all. HELL. A true, factual blog that brought to light criminal corruption and domestic abuse entwined. My year at the hands of corruption was terrorizing, harassing, frightening and I never expected what I went through. I am a survivor of domestic abuse at the hands of my ex husband Richard Zona (Jr). I have survived corruption with him at the helm for thirteen years. I have been hit by a multitude of lawyers, harassers, and judges that ignored the law and the constitution. Fraudulant stocks and a Forbes billionaire (John Paul DeJoria) have become part of my harrowing story. Corruption has tried to shut me down, an abuse survivor, but one year later my presence is going strong and my voice is still being heard. I am meant to write. I am meant to shout out abuse. I am meant to stand strong. I am meant to be respected.

*** Twice today there were attempts to hack my blog. It has been hacked once already.
*** Thank you for the emails and my readership that continues to grow and grow and for those who have continued to read with bouts of my blog being hacked, taken down, and my “gagging” of detailed elements of the corruption.


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