We Must Keep Talking – She Said NO – And Lost Her Life

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November 4, 2018
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We Must Keep Talking – She Said NO – And Lost Her Life

This young teenage girl lost her life for RETALIATION for saying no to abuse and telling someone about it. I have experienced a lifetime of RETALIATION for saying no to abuse, sexual, financial, and emotional and for telling it. RETALIATION comes AFTER ABUSE. Lives are lost and/or the retaliation continues for a lifetime. The accused was arrested in India but in the United States, Riverside County Ca, I was “gagged ” with the threat of jail. I am heart sick for this brave 13 year old girl.

~Last week in India, a man allegedly beheaded a 13-year-old girl after she rejected him. Police said the young teenager came from a lower caste than the man who is accused of killing her. A complaint was filed in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu in India.

“The girl was brutally murdered. The investigation is ongoing and the accused has been arrested,” Ponkarthik Kumar, a senior police official.

The girl had apparently “spurned his advances” before he allegedly beheaded the young teenager, according to The Wire, an India-based publication. “This is, in a way, a MeToo crime. Rajalakshmi was killed because she had spurned his advances; because she spoke about it,” A. Kathir, executive director of Evidence (a movement to promote Dalit human rights), told The Wire. “In fact it is both a caste crime and a sexual offense and needs to be addressed at both levels.”~

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