John Paul DeJoria and eloise Owe Me and Other Women An Apology

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November 2, 2018
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November 5, 2018
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John Paul DeJoria and eloise Owe Me and Other Women An Apology

John Paul DeJoria and eloise, as I have been told, believe themselves to be “too insulated” and able to get away with some very bad misdeeds. Very bad. The events that terrorized and harassed me for nine months straight are not “too insulated” to be told. As I have reported before I am NOT THE ONLY woman terrorized by companies they are involved with. As an abuse survivor I no longer allow abuse of me by anyone. Their money, wherever it came from (?), does not mean that they are “too insulated” for my story to not be heard, nor for me not to be apologized too. The DeJoria’s should not be “too insulated” on the subject of the terrorization of me, the terrorization of Carly Singer, and all the money missing in Alaska, in Five Star Entertainment, and the questionable companies they promote together. (Virtual Piggy and Latitude Solutions to name a few.) THEY ACT LIKE THEY ARE ABOVE IT ALL BUT THEY ARE NOT. THEY ACT (FRAUDS) LIKE THEY ARE “TOO INSULATED” BUT THEY ARE NOT.

PS! Does anyone know where Richard Zona (Jr.) is , as he needs to return all the money he owes and stole from me, per judgement, my car, and my jewelry!


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