Wonder Who Richard Zona (Jr.) Is Recruiting Now?

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October 17, 2018
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October 19, 2018
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Wonder Who Richard Zona (Jr.) Is Recruiting Now?

It’s been thirteen years since I dared to leave my abusive ex husband Richard Zona (Jr.) Many believe once you leave abuse it is over and I am here to tell you it lasts a lifetime. He is a MASTER at recruitment to help him abuse and steal from me. Over the last thirteen years he has enlisted so many to help him. He is a master manipulator folks. Of course he tries to do as little of his dirty work as possible….. he would prefer others to do it for him. But if he has to sign someone else’s name, or use their social security card, or pretend he’s a church going good family man, he will. But recruitment is his specialty. HE WILL GET SOMEBODY, TRUST ME. But for now he has played his hand? He’s running out of recruitment (hopeful) ….. maybe the next church!? Here’s a thirteen year list of those he recruited to help him steal from and abuse the mother of his children, me. Hey, at least I am alive as women like Stacie Peterson and Lacy Peterson lost their lives to MASTER Manipulators. This is a long list of those he recruited over thirteen years.

1.) Richard Zona Sr. – his Dad
2.) Barbara Zona – his Mom
3.) John Paradise – Felon Charged Brother in Law – stole my car.
4.) James Scarcelli – Accomplice
5.) David Sear – held our money only in his name/Wells Fargo
6.) Cary Glenn – Laguna Beach money launderer for divorcing men. (Ralph Balcof too.)
7.) Judy Blossom – Next door neighbor that sold my marital home without my knowledge.
8.) Bonnie Zeldin Rosen who abetted him as an attorney in every way she could.
9.) Msgr Urell – who knows what they did in Vegas and the rectory many a night? Parishioners had their suspicions.
10.) And a handful that I can not name.

That is MANY that the master manipulator Richard Zona (Jr.) has recruited to help him abuse and steal from the mother of his children for thirteen years? He hides. I was tired for a bit, but my shield is now ready for the next recruit! I can’t be naive and underestimate him like I always have. I feel he is losing his hand, hopeful after 13 years, but my shield is up and eyes wide open. Who will be his next RECRUIT?

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