Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

One Fraud, Two Fraud, Three Fraud, Four (CMKM DIAMONDS)
September 24, 2018
The Gang Is Back….
September 27, 2018
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Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

As you know abuse fuels my fire. I’ve lived it and I have survived it. I understand it all too well. I can not look the other way and not speak out. The abusers and EVIL PEOPLE in this world need held accountable. And Pennsylvania has done just that! Pennsylvania is where my two loving parents were born and I have the fondest memories of my childhood in Pennsylvania. A family member I love and am proud of attends Carnegie Melon! Pennsylvania’s Department of Justice gets it done. Today Pennsylvania served justice AGAIN and put ANOTHER ONE BEHIND BARS. Pennsylvania GOT EM! GOT EM ALL!!! Now just throw away the key …………. LOOOOOONG OVERDUE FOR ALL BUT GOOD JOB, PENNSYLVANIA!


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