September 19, 2018
It’s That Time Again……..My Weekend!
September 21, 2018
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The Monster and The Screenwriter

I heard from the screenwriter again today. He said he was overwrought with strong emotions from my story. He felt angry, he felt compassion, he felt compelled, and he said this is HUGE! I actually had to calm him down from his emotions for a life I have lived and survived. He had some questions for me. One being ….. “How did you come to terms with the realization you were married to a MONSTER?” I told him the strength came from my loving childhood and the loving parents I had. Not everyone that suffers abuse has the foundation I had. He asked questions about ALL THE EVIL involved and he asked questions about what I am “GAGGED” from putting on my blog? I’m sorry I can’t tell you…..it’s being withheld from the public with forbidden Prior Restraint. BUT MY STORY WILL BE TOLD. It is presently in the works and the screenwriter and his compassion meant the world to me. Feeling humans exist in this world. I was validated YET AGAIN. That is very important to an abuse survivor to be believed and validated. Thank you, Mr. Screenwriter…..from the bottom of my heart.
It has been nearly one month since all the events took place I am “GAGGED” from posting on my blog. The MONSTER, my ex husband, the abuser, you would think, would do all that is possible, to make amends for what he has done.

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