Navigating Through A Nine Month Minefield
September 11, 2018
September 14, 2018
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Good News!

Even though I am “GAGGED” from writing my TRUE STORY on my blog I had good news yesterday. The screenwriter says it is a ” GO “. The screenwriter said “it’s so good that I should do this for a living.” I am so thankful for that compliment from a highly successful, professional, screenwriter that I respect. My last thirteen years with a high concentration on my last nine months will be able to be watched instead of read. I am excited on getting this domestic abuse story, turned thriller told!!! I am going to focus on the positive turns that have happened in the last two weeks. Of course we are just beginning the process ……… Shout out to Somerville, Ma. that visits my sight everyday. Thank you. And Lugano, Switzerland. Thank you……

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