Navigating Through A Nine Month Minefield

September 11, 2018
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September 13, 2018
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Navigating Through A Nine Month Minefield

My body is telling me to take a few days to rest my soul, but my mind can’t stop spinning from the nine months I was “Navigating Through A Mine Field.” Events are occuring but I am “GAGGED” from posting it on my blog. Honestly, I am feeling the effects of trauma as I did thirteen years ago leaving an abusive marriage and for four years after when the abuse escalated. I have been told ” I can sleep at night.” But I still feel on EDGE. I CAN’T FEEL LIKE THIS RIGHT NOW AS I HAVE THOSE WAITING ON ME TO MOVE AND TAKE ACTION. I will take it day by day just like I did after escaping abuse and constant hits. Sometimes you feel drained, and the next day a little more light is exposed and the world becomes beautiful again!

*** Heed the RED FLAGS as domestic abuse lasts a lifetime.

*** I was “GAGGED”. Serena Williams “FINED” and Piper Perabo “ARRESTED”. It has NOT been a good couple of weeks for women. (Hard working women attempting to do what is right, seek justice, and make the world a better place.)

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