Hmmmm… “In the Minds of Clerks” No They Are Not Sealed!

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September 2, 2018
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September 6, 2018
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Hmmmm… “In the Minds of Clerks” No They Are Not Sealed!

This TRUE story of a tiny women’s blog, a woman (me) that didn’t have a voice for twenty years, as I was abused and controlled, gets crazier each day. Apparently it was “in the minds of clerks” that my gag order was sealed. It was never sealed after all. Three different people on three different occasions were however told that, including myself. It has taken thirty days to get to the bottom of it. Today was a special day in my life and I wish I could tell you just how special it was. It was very special. I am beyond grateful and thankful from the bottom of my heart. But for now I am going to hold off……be thankful in solitude. I hope that justice will prevail and the voice I found after twenty years that I may continue to speak freely. THANK YOU WORLD and thank you REASON.COM and Eugene Volokh/The Volokh Conspiracy.

Interesting fact as the clerk I spoke to on Friday, that told me my case was sealed (2nd time I have been told that), also told me I could NOT come to the courthouse and get my own case files. But TODAY they said YOU HAVE TO GO to the courthouse to get them. So weird! Huh!

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