5 4 3 2 1 …… What Time Is It? It Is Time For FUN….

Thank You Eugene Volokh and Reason Magazine For Telling My Story: I Can’t!
August 30, 2018
Where’s The Money?
September 2, 2018
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5 4 3 2 1 …… What Time Is It? It Is Time For FUN….

What’s a little GAG ORDER? (No, taken seriously even though my first amendment right has clearly been violated and prior restraint unconstitutional) IT IS TIME FOR FUN! The price journalists pay for reporting the TRUTH?! All over the world journalists DIE, ARE THREATENED, AND SUFFER CONSEQUENCES for simply reporting the TRUTH. They do suffer, as I have found out, for making the public aware. I’m overdue for some FUN and ready to ROLL! And by the way Mr. Misogynist, per our conversation last night, ERIN BROCKOVICH WAS A MOVIE, YES!!! SHE WAS ALSO HOWEVER, A REAL WOMAN WHO BECAME AWARE OF SOMETHING BAD AROUND HER AND SHE EXPOSED IT. It was not easy for her either. My opportunities to TELL MY STORY are growing every minute. THE WHOLE STORY. Thank you for all the emails of support and perseverance. NOW IT’S TIME FOR FUN!

From one journalist to another…..

“That’s the problem with trying to squash people’s stories. It attracts attention and more people write more stories with more details and you can’t squash them all.” LOVE THAT!

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