I Love My Mom and Dad – A Loving Childhood

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August 28, 2018
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I Love My Mom and Dad – A Loving Childhood

I grew up in the most loving home. I am so fortunate. My parents tucked me in every single night and told me “they loved me.” They TAUGHT ME THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG. They taught me to tell someone if anyone did anything bad to me. And they taught me to TELL someone if I saw someone doing something bad to someone else. Everyone that knew them before they died, five weeks apart, my father after my mother from a broken heart, because their love was so strong forever, knew them to be nothing but GOODNESS. Some called my Dad “Special Ed.” Every Christmas many would come to my house just to get my mothers special made only once a year Czechoslovakian Nut Rolls. I had one girlfriend say after she met my parents “You really did grow up in a Suzy Creamcheese house.” And recently I had a Palm Desert friend text me that meeting my parents was “a memorable slice of life.” Thank you Jack. PARENTS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THEIR CHILD’S BEST FRIEND. Parents are supposed to teach their children the difference between right and wrong. That’s tough sometimes, surely in my case now. But I did the right thing. I think my Mom and Dad are proud of me now. Their strong example has kept me strong. Going through escalated domestic abuse after I left my marriage, which victims must be prepared to handle, my Mom said “She was worried about me.” I only did what my amazing parents taught me to do, which was right. I told the truth. I told someone when someone was doing bad things to me. And I told the truth when I saw others doing bad things to other people. Hard to believe I got in TROUBLE AND ADMONISHED for doing what my loving, giving, caring, selfless parents taught me to do. No wonder so many look away when they see something bad happening to human beings. It’s heard all the time “OH, I don’t want to be involved.” Thank you Mom and Dad. Because of you, I couldn’t look away and do nothing.

*** My parents Teresa and Ed were married from 1950 – 2011 (61 YEARS) and died five weeks apart. PURE LOVE.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Abuse. Regards

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