A True Story, with Similar Purposes, Like Mine. “The GoodMothers” by Alex Perry
August 19, 2018
Tonight Was A Million Miles Away From Abuse
August 22, 2018
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I’ve had more than my share to bring the TRUTH to light. Gut wrenching pain. But through every step of the way to bring the TRUTH to light I have seen such goodness, such love, such kindness, such caring, such compassion that it helped with the the all pain to bring it to light. Being RESPECTED after domestic abuse makes all the pain worth it. I was discarded because I said NO to a domestic abuser. I was discarded but I did not lose my life, yet anyway, just like the mother and children that lost their lives in Colorado at the hands of a man, husband, and father that just discarded them. He discarded the mother of his children and his children, because maybe she said no? Maybe he didn’t feel like supporting them anymore if they were no longer usable? Maybe he replaced them with someone else? We don’t have the answers yet and when you love a MONSTER there are no answers that will ever make sense. I know. How do these stories happen again and again with mothers, wives, and girlfriends of monsters? What a beautiful family he had that he destroyed. HE IS A MONSTER.

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