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August 22, 2021
August 24, 2021
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Last night….I was RESEARCHING and came across this RELEASED, yesterday, video…..

Numbers are not my thing….Reading, researching, and ENGLISH…..were my interests…my mind has always been so CURIOUS…. ( IT WAS A NIGHTMARE FOR ME, being married to an abusive man…that told me I COULD NOT READ)

Even as a kid my parents would allow me to stay up all night…reading….. when I got that drive…NO CURFEW ON READING IN MY CHILDHOOD HOME! (THANKS MOM AND DAD)

So last night I CAME ACROSS THIS NEW VIDEO….AND I SEE “NUMBERS” in the title….

I almost did not OPEN IT…..As we know if your in the rabbit hole, GEMATRIA, has become part of this BIBLICAL STORY…..


~ Old Patriot
Gematria …”Girl on Fire” =
= Angels are Nice Purple heart
= Praise God Purple heart
= I’m the Lord Purple heart
Keep Going darling ……………………..
Gematria …”Girl on Fireps”
= A Message From God

“Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?”
Hebrews 1:14 Purple heart

“He will command His angels in charge of you to protect you in all your ways”
Psalm 91:11 Purple heart

“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.”
— St. Francis of Assisi

Your that Candle ~



So I want to share some JOY! With all of you…..As I opened this video with the word NUMBERS in it, that ordinarily, I would not even open…..


If you do not remember the voice of JOHN F. KENNEDY JR…….LET ME REMIND YOU!




**** You may want to watch this one as well,


  1. Glenda says:

    Oh my gosh! I have believed John Jr was alive and loved him since birth even as a [email protected]💞For sure interesting! Love Patton but had no idea of real Trump connection if true but parallel there if true. Both DJT and JFK Jr working together to avenge the death of their fathers.
    Great interview! Love Nicholas V too!!!

  2. Glenda says:

    Great is our Lord!!! Hallelujah Jesus💓You can tell I was sleepy when I wrote last post with only night table light on🙄💚💜💞

  3. Missy1966 says:

    Is there an article or reference to Trump being adopted. First I heard of this. I always heard his mom named him after a teenager she knew that was a Christian at meetings she used to go to where she lived as a child. Was trumps brother adopted with him because they look a lot alike. I’m not quite I believe he was adopted. I would have to see more evidence in regards to that.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I have read it before. At the present time I do not have anything to verify that. However…TRUTHFUL information has been dropped all along…so I have an open mind. Nothing is as it seems.

  4. Lindy Lou says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing this video. After all the gloom and doom I have been reading and watching lately, I really needed this. Keep up the good work. I appreciate you so much!

  5. Glenda says:

    Well Tracy…I had some extra time to go down a rabbit hole today and found that President Trump being the son of Gen Patton seems more and more plausible. #1 he looks more like Gen Patton than Fred Trump. Secondly in reading Wikipedia I found the Gen. to have 3 children 2 daughters and only one son born in 1921 and Mrs Patton did not die til 8 years later than her beloved husband. I searched Mrs Patton’s “suicide” but instead found that the General at 50 years old had an alleged affair with a Miss Gordon who was the daughter of a half sister of Mrs Patton’s. Affair alleged to have nearly destroyed their 25 year marriage at the time. The General was remorseful and their marriage endured.The video you posted which was so informative alleges DJT actual birthdate is 12/7/45…and General Patton 2 days later is in an alleged auto accident on 12/9/45🤔Then according to history recorded he succumbed to his injuries on 12/21/45 and was buried on Christmas Eve 1945. After his death Mrs Patton allegedly had her brother bring Miss Gordon to a hotel room and came in to admonish girl and wish all her organ innards to rot and her bones to rot🤔It seems Mrs P may have moved past her former forgiveness 10 years before. Would the birth of a newborn son alleged to be her husband’s bring on this wrath??? Anyhow supposedly within days Miss Gordon was found in a NY apartment lying on the floor dead in front of gas stove with oven door open. It was considered suicide. It seems the pieces may very well fit. Thank you once again Tracy!!!

    • Tracy Zona says:

      WOW! What an incredible…deep dive! You COULD plausibly have it figured out! As I said earlier…we have received information at a slow pace. President Trump SHOWS us, not tells us. Maybe that is just what he did in Alabama!? And then NEGATIVE 48, whom sounds exactly like JFK Jr….reiterated THAT TRUTH?
      Wow……Thank you for SHARING IT HERE!

  6. Glenda says:

    Always my pleasure💓

  7. Pork Wontons says:

    Great work, Tracy. Numbers are important to these people and the patriots have used them too as well as to troll the
    DS criminals.

    Roseanne is a patriot and was demonized and shunned from Hellywierd for supporting President Trump and
    speaking out about her own abuse in Hellywierd.

    You KNOW I have to chime in on JFK Jr…..

    In your face, Jorge Herbutt No-longer-walking Boosh and his shrubby son.
    I’m back 55 (5:5) years later in the same place you had my father murdered.
    I remember so much that I named my magazine after you calling it “George” and I’m not afraid of you or your goons.

    Also, who is Mrs. Claus at the Trump Rally?

    This tidbit….

    NTSB “investigators” look familiar…like John and Caroline

    This statement by a very familiar voice on the plane “crash”….trolled!
    https://youtu.be/0SCvMrhnRNI start 0:24

    We’re here, there, and everywhere. Whether he is Vincent Fusco or not isn’t important in my opinion.
    The likely next first couple boards Marine One.

    ***IMPORTANT!*** Only 13 minutes-explains it all AND there is that very familiar voice again!!!
    (This is several years old and many DS players are dead)

    Digital soldiers slogan, “Where we go one, we go all”. #WWG1WGA Inscription on the ship’s bell on JFK’s boat.

  8. DAVID S ROBERTS says:

    So according to the ones ‘in the know’, there are 6 days left before the military begins acting. This is the last hour really because “woke” generals want to inject poison into the troops to appease China. Many servicemen and women will face losing their careers or taking poison. It is at the end, because the push for mandatory vaxxing is increasing. Public schools here in America are bribing teens with $100 to take the jab at school without parental consent or control.
    We are at the cusp of being a communist nation so Q and his or her friends need to get John-John out there asap, lock it down, shut off the MSM lies by shutting off the MSM. I am hoping the ‘ones in the know’ are correct because we have heard the “soon…soon” for November, December, January, March, July and honestly we are tired of the empty promises. SAVE THIS NATION NOW, PLEASE!

    • Glenda says:

      David I concur!!! Let’s roll!!! Enough is Enough!!! My friends and family that are so asleep have gone back for a long Winter’s nap!!!! That group may never Wale up and the vac vs nomvax and mask vs nonmasl creates further divide. Even those who say they have stopped MSM have not. I hear what “Tucker” says or “Hannity” or “Laura Ingraham” says all the time🙄🙏Dear Lord just give all those so asleep common sense again! I have come to believe MSM is more addictive than heroine! Calling for cutting the cord on MSM NOW!!!

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Yes! I think we all feel urgency! I understand…but I do know who’s in control. I am BEYOND READY! The fear porn I have turned off completely…some time ago. I do not allow it in my universe. Hopefully you are correct and it will happen SOON! PLEASE!

    • Pork Wontons says:

      Couldn’t agree more, David. The end of this nonsense can’t come soon enough. Vote audit results come out Friday, so hopefully that is the start.

      Why they are pushing a vaccine for essentially a cold virus with an almost 100% survival rate while suppressing hydroxychloriquine, Ivermectin, zinc, and zithromax treatments? MRNA (zombie apocalypse, graphine oxide (interact with 5G for more zombification and hive-mindedness), no thanks. The hell with masks and social distancing but at least people are washing their hands :-). Control, control, control. Showing the media as liars and big pharma as killers. FDA is NOT a government agency by the way but an arm of big pharma. No more than the Federal Reserve is a part of the govt but a private central bank.

      We are awaiting the precious-metals backed currency reset. Stolen gold returned to rightful owners. Bond payouts happening now; waiting for D5 level as these lower levels are happening now. NESARA/GESARA

      Just caught last night that med-beds will reverse the effects of the jab. Yeah, they’re been suppressing cures for LOTS of things. Med-beds in Florida and Texas being used on the rescued children and soldiers both physically and for PTSD. General public is next. This will end big pharma and big medicine. Notice any hospitals in your area that have expanded in the last few years? I have.

      Heard that troops are actually in Europe to deal with the DS criminals that popped up while we were hiding in our homes and wearing masks. Seems they surely wanted people out of the way to move more easily and avoid FFs by removing targets that may be in offices or elsewhere. That’s the ONLY reason I can accepts this lockdown.

      Notice the numbers on the C-130 leaving Afghanistan. 1109. Reverse of 9/11. “We are leaving the Middle East. You may now have your countries back. We’ll no longer force Afghanistan to grow poppies to fuel our “opioid crisis” to zombify the US and Europe”. https://youtu.be/kaJvgUpZtNI. Sorry, but no one in their right mind chases or hangs on to a plane and why does the one man ham it up for the camera? There is one in every crowd :-). Several different footages of “people falling from the plane” . None of them hit the ground and some clips have no one “falling” . However, I read this was a message to the 9/11 criminals who highly published the photo of the “falling man” from the towers. Also absent is any exhaust. Notice they don’t show the takeoff either.

      Thank you for this forum, Tracy. Felt good to share this info.

      • Tracy Zona says:

        I’ll bet it did! SPEAKING FREELY…..and thank goodness you can! Because all that information is TRUTH! TRUTH! TRUTH! YEP! “POPPY BUSH” no more! I am so glad you are at this forum for all of us….GRATEFUL! MED BEDS! HERE WE COME…..I for sure have some PTSD after the GANG OF HEATHENS AND CRIMINALS have been after me for years. Otherwise…..I AM READY TO TEACH THE WORLD TO LOVE AGAIN!:)

      • Glenda says:

        Pork Wontons…awesome common sense details! Excellent Excellent post!!! Many Thanks!!! I have had friends continuing to drink in every word Fox says…telling me how pitiful this scene in Afghanistan with plane was. Makes me crazy and I just want to go so off on them and tell them to Wake the Hell up!!!

        • Tracy Zona says:

          Tell them “POPPY BUSH.” So sorry Glenda…it is frustrating…. Pork Wontons does such an excellent job of communicating all the details. Grateful for all of you!

  9. Michelle Briggs says:


    Thank you so much for this! Maybe he’s come out as far as he can to bring us a glimpse of hope that all is not lost in our government. Whilst we have only one Saviour Jesus the Christ who is the great I AM. But knowing that JFK Jr, and all those that we thought died in all actuality didn’t is sooo amazing!!! So when this does blow wide open, it will shock the world to their very core! I went through that after my first marriage ended, I left the Mormon religion, and my whole world came crashing down.

    But those of us that know this, will be hear to help guide them through this. Don’t stop doing what you are doing. I pray protection and blessings to what you are doing.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Michelle….I understand what you went through when you left the Mormon religion…. I am so sorry. But as you and I learned…sometimes you have to crash it down to then make the beautiful world you dream of. We are on that road….FEELS LIKE JFK JR. is just out now….no going back. I am hearing SOON….and I know we ALL HOPE SO!

  10. Daisy says:

    So enlightening. But I have to say this….Roseanne would ask such an interesting question— then before 48 could answer she’d interrupt, and then the question could never be answered. Drove me BATTY. For example she asked a good question— what’s the point in jrk jr’s brother and sister, being kept alive secretly. What’s the logic in that—-48 took a deep breath and began to answer and she cuts him off with a totally different subject matter. I couldn’t take it.

  11. sbgausa says:

    Who JFK looks like for real is Douglas MacArthur not Patton. Look at the photos.

  12. Johnny M says:

    President Donald Trump was General Patton in his previous incarnation. The fact that Donald Trump was born 6 months after General Patton’s assassination is irrelevant as the spirit can enter the foetus at any point during a normal 9 month gestation period. I read that a 2008 book on General Patton explained how the assassination occurred as the author interviewed the would be CIA assassin before his passing. The CIA attempt was a bungled car crash, but it did hospitalise General Patton in a military hospital, where the KGB finished the job.
    It is also interesting to note that Professor John Trump, a great friend of Nikola Tesla and Donald Trump’s uncle, has reincarnated as the Australian journalist Julian Assange. Just look at the facial resemblance of John Trump and Julian Assange.
    Another American who has currently reincarnated for the US cause is the author, presenter and researcher David Wilcock, who in his last incarnation was the renowned psychic Edgar Cayce.
    Keep going Tracy, MSM (MainStreamMedia) is toast, you are the News now.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Johnny….Thank you for your valuable perspective…. SO MUCH TRUTH ABOUT THE WORLD HAS BEEN HIDDEN FROM US. MY MIND IS WIDE OPEN AND LIKE A SPONGE….LOL! TELL ME MORE! What NICE WORDS! This has been AN INCREDIBLE JOURNEY. AMAZING! Thank you for visiting my site. XOXOXO

  13. Jennifer Smith says:

    I’ve been awake for about 3 years! I’ve gone down all the rabbit holes! The dark ,the disgusting , the light and hope! it has changed me as a person. Your right the end won’t be for everyone! I’m on GODs time! GOD BLESS everyone who is involved ! I wish my family and friends would wake up! I’m tired of crying ,it’s been a long 3 years and frankly 56 years of living on hell on earth. Really looking forWard to heaven on earth for more than 1000 years for so many generations to come. Praise GOD.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Hello Jennifer….love hearing from you. Yes…it’s been a long, hard, three years, hasn’t it? Since 2004…it has been HELL for me…HANG IN THERE. We are SO CLOSE! It is difficult TRUTH, the dark, but I am thinking towards the future:) I listened to this new video tonight. Negative 48, aka JFK JR, dropped this video TONIGHT. Hopefully it will STOP your tears. LOVE YOU! This is mind blowing! Enjoy!


  14. Cindy Rocx says:

    You are so blowing my mind. Why does my maiden name
    Cynthia Ann Bushberg come to 291 which is the same as
    God’s Perfect number
    All roads to lead to Q
    The beginning of the end
    The beginning of the I am?
    I got all that from your show. Thank you for everything you do.

  15. Mary+Laffrey says:

    Great post as always Tracy. I’m just catching up today it’s Saturday, after being on telegram and watching all this Afghanistan terror all week.
    I just wanted to throw something in about those people hanging on to the plane that I’m sorry I forgot who mentioned it here, but telegram had pictures of the real Navy plane 1109 and the fake Navy plane 1109 that had the people hanging on it.
    it was a rubber plane‼️‼️
    had pictures comparing the two planes on telegram it compared the two planes there were no rivets on the rubber plane with the afghani’s hanging onto it.
    the windows were painted on, the engines were fake there was nothing inside the holes where engines should have been, or fan blades should have been, I forget the other comparisons but it was on telegram this week and so that plane with all the afghanis hanging on was a rubber plane just like they used in world war II with general Patton that would put up rubber tanks and things to scare our enemies off what do you think about that? God bless you Tracy I haven’t watched the 48 video but I can’t wait.I have believed this whole past year and a half that JFK Jr is alive so I look forward to looking at that video. I’ll pass on the Roseanne Barr one, since one of your bloggers said that Roseanne was constantly interrupting JFK Jr.
    love you as always, I look forward to reading all the links that are in this column Mary

    • Tracy Zona says:

      MARY! I can’t wait until you watch it!! I hope to hear back from you. I WOULD WATCH ALL you can find on NEGATIVE 48….the information so valuable. As I recall only once did she interrupt…BUT IT WAS BEFORE HE COULD ANSWER A QUESTION WE ALL WANTED ANSWERED! DAMN!

  16. Mary+Laffrey says:

    Tracy Tracy Tracy, I hope you had a great weekend it’s Monday evening here in Florida I just finished listening to the last 15 minutes of your last link on negative 48 with Simon parks and Tom Bushnell I spent half of Sunday listening to all these links between yours and pork wontons on negative 48 and the Santa Claus parade and everything else‼️ I’m flabbergasted is what I am! Of course I recognize John John’s voice right away he turned 60 this year I just turned 65 so I grew up idolizing John John and Caroline. I remember I was in first grade when I went to Catholic school and we all wrote letters to Mrs Kennedy about losing President Kennedy and how sorry we were.
    So I grew up loving that family so yes that certainly JFK Jr’s voice I’m amazed that he’s the one into this stuff.

    If you look at that end of the Roseanne Barr video if you just go from the back end when she says goodbye JFK Jr leaves his camera on for a moment and he shows that he’s got four size D batteries in different positions on top of a folder on top of a desk and then he shows his pressed jeans and his cowboy boots and that was the same picture that I had seen with I can’t remember the guy’s name he’s been all over the web this past year as a commentator holding a cigar. And people told me that that was JFK Jr and I didn’t believe it because his language was very rough and I didn’t think that would be coming out of JFK Jr’s mouth.

    But now I believe they are one and the same. He’s just getting bolder now that he’s almost coming out. But look at the end of that Roseanne Barr video and you’ll see he shows some images also during that video he shows his head is shadowed his hairline like his you know what a beautiful poofy hairline he is. It’s showing in most of the video just as a black shadow on the screen. So anyway I’m going to be listening to all this negative 48 stuff that I can get to and I thank you so much for opening my eyes to it and the gematria stuff I don’t think I’ll try to you know study the gematria. But it’s so very interesting thank you so much again Tracy for everything you do for all of us. Now I’ve got about six more videos to catch up on since that JFK video it’s August 30th and I just listened to that when I think that was August 23rd maybe anyway God bless you my sister. I wish we could privately Twitter each other I know we’re friends on there and as I mentioned before I am on telegram and so I have pulled up -48 on telegram too God bless you sweetheart, Love Mary 💯‼️💖🥰🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏💘💕

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Mary…GREAT CATCH….I did not notice. THANK YOU! I was so focused on what was being said, and listening to that magnificent voice the world has had to miss out on for years. See…this is what I LOVE…we all bring our OWN eyes, here. Thank you, thank you….To be alive right now is INCREDIBLE! GOD BLEESS YOU AND I LOVE YOU….Someday I hope to have fierce conversations in person: You can dm me on twitter @Girlonfireps or my email is [email protected]. SENDING LOVE AND PURE LIGHT….

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