Dominoes are FALLING! Military Arrests Dead Eyes, Cuomo..and Adam Schiff meets the FIRING SQUAD!

August 13, 2021
August 17, 2021
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Dominoes are FALLING! Military Arrests Dead Eyes, Cuomo..and Adam Schiff meets the FIRING SQUAD!

I took a GETAWAY, BREATHER this weekend….RELAXING, PEACEFUL, so LET’S GO! Monday!

I have waited a LONG, LONG time to hear ADAM SCHIFF IS DEAD, by firing squad….

I have KNOWN a LONG TIME, he drugged, and raped a boy to his death, at the Standard Hotel….You can take a look through my blog….IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME!

BUT THE TU TU BABY, ADAM SCHIFF, cried and whimpered like a BABY, he would have raped. at his execution.

I had so many people last week tell me THEY WANT TO SEE THE EXECUTIONS……

~ Shifty Adam Schiff did not exit this world gracefully.

As reported previously, on 1 July the Office of Military Commissions found Schiff guilty of treason and espionage and decided that his crimes against the nation warranted a death sentence. On August 13, the military fulfilled its promise, and “detainee” Adam Schiff lost his life to a firing squad.

At 5:30 a.m., Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay (JTF GITMO) personnel retrieved Schiff from his Camp Delta detention cell and escorted him to a concrete wall the Army Corps of Engineers had constructed just north of Old Cemetery, on Gitmo’s southern edge.

A source involved in the military’s Deep State purge told that Schiff “cried like a baby” during the Humvee ride to the spot that would mark is execution.

“He begged for his life like a bitch,” our source said.

But Schiff had had several opportunities to atone for his crimes to avoid capital punishment, prior to and during his tribunal. Rather than confess, Schiff said he had done no wrong—even when his wife, Eve, testified that he had accepted $8,000,000 in foreign (Chinese) gifts to publicly denigrate and wage war on the democratically-elected president of the United States—Donald J. Trump. Instead, Schiff gave the same answer that all Deep State Agents have given in advance of facing gallows, firing squad, or lethal injection: “I was just following orders.”

At 6:00 a.m., Vice Adm. John G. Hannink, who had overseen several Deep State executions, asked if Schiff wanted to give last words.

“I’ve always followed the Constitution. I didn’t do anything wrong. Why do you want to kill me?” Schiff sobbed.

Schiff asked to be blindfolded rather than face his fate as a man.

As is typical for military firing squads, only one or two of the rifles held live rounds; the others chambered blanks.

Vice Adm. Hannink instructed the execution detail to aim center mass and gave the order to ‘fire.’

Schiff took two to the chest but did not die. He fell to the ground, squirming and writhing as if he were dancing ‘the worm,’ gasping for air and sputtering incomprehensible words.

Vice Adm. Hannink unholstered his sidearm and chambered a round.

A moment later, he delivered the coup de grace, sending another sizzling round into Schiff’s chest.

Schiff took a final breath and expired, with an on-scene physician confirming his death. ~ Michael Baxter



~ On Sunday, August 15, U.S. Navy Seals under JAG authority arrested Cuomo at property he leases in East Hampton, NY. A JAG spokesperson told RRN that the SEALS suffered no casualties but had to subdue two of Cuomo’s bodyguards, both of whom the SEALs incapacitated using non-lethal force.

The pre-dawn raid caught Cuomo, who was asleep in bed, by surprise; reportedly, he muttered “oh, fuck” when he opened his eyes and saw 6 heavily armed SEALs leering down at him. The SEALS restrained Cuomo in zip cuffs, escorted him outdoors and pushed him into an unmarked van, our source said.

“He’s been taken to a military holding facility until he’s transported to GITMO,” our source added. ~

I once told my son…who was being recruited by THIS EVIL and his very own father, Richard Zona Jr…..”PLEASE, PLEASE, I DON’T WANT YOU TO HAVE DEAD EYES….”


Which method of execution do you prefer for a monster (CUOMO) that KILLED SENIORS….PEOPLE’S MOTHERS?

Aggressive weekend, while I was resting and relaxing…..



  1. Kevin Archer says:

    Awesome….I’m so glad there is Realism going on in this earth…your work is unprecedented thank you u so much for all your posts and updates…I Log in everyday to ur Page

  2. Glenda Sharkey says:

    Well deserved R&R Tracy!💞Engine recharged now and raring to go I am sure💓

  3. K Bro says:

    Put him into a refrigerated trailer. With a live feed..

    • Jesus says:

      Lmfao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Terri says:

      Wow! That’s exactly what they should have done to that POS. Being put in that freezing, dark truck with who knows how many others would be a slow death nightmare. Guessing many died of heart attacks.
      Can you imagine how scary? Were they just tossed in the truck….no shoes, no bed, no pillow, no blanket? How many at one time? Were they all screaming and panicking?

      Yea…….a cold truck is the PERFECT place for Cuomo (no shoes, no bed, no pillow, no blanket)!!

  4. Teresa says:

    I’m glad he’s gone. I’ve been told that you can reform a drug addict and a murderer but not a sexual predator! Justice has come for him !! As it will for all of us one day !! Pray to God for forgiveness and March one for the path is narrow

  5. DAVID S ROBERTS says:

    Tracy, let me know if you need any help with graphics or creative pics, no charge, I’m just bored. 🙂 Have you investigated the death of Anthony Bourdain in connection with Schiff? Just curious.

  6. Mary+Laffrey says:

    Tracy Tracy thank you so much for this blog on Schiff being finally executed. What great news that is, and to also let us know that Cuomo has been arrested and will be taken to Gitmo. That’s icing on top of the cake 😆Thank you so much, I don’t know how I missed it this week, it’s Saturday night again I’m watching the Trump rally I hope you’re enjoying yourself and your night out‼️ But keep the good news and the execution info coming🙏We love you and all that you do, God bless you and protect you Tracy. Good night, Mary

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Mary…THANK YOU! It is all MY PLEASURE….to report…when EVIL HAS LEFT THE PLANET! I watched the speech…then had SO MANY LAUGHS, and DANCING with my friends! GREAT NIGHT! LOVE TO YOU, ALWAYS! XOXO

  7. Leslie says:

    But why is he in gitmo? He didn’t commit treason.

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