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August 12, 2021
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August 13, 2021
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It has been quite sometime, if you read back, longer than most, that I told you BILL GATES was involved in child sex trafficking WITH JEFFREY EPSTEIN…..


This one, in particular, is for my reader LAUR, that has been very concerned about BILL GATES BUYING FARMLAND….

Laur…I have been telling you….I BELIEVE PRESIDENT TRUMP’S PROMISES….


~ The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps has scheduled Bill Gates’ military tribunal for August 23, and the Microsoft founder is expected to answer for crimes ranging from running a child trafficking ring with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to devising a plan whereby seemingly benign vaccinations would be tainted with chemicals and synthetic nanoparticles designed to erode the cerebrum of the human brain.

As reported previously, U.S. Marines on July 27 arrested Gates at a property he clandestinely owned in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Two days later, he was flown to Guantanamo Bay for interrogation and to await an imminent tribunal.

A source involved in the military’s Deep State said that Gates was initially uncooperative and reticent, and he declined to answer questions posed by “Trump’s corrupt military regime.”

“Unbeknownst to Gates, the military already has all the evidence it needs. While Gates sat in a cell, the military did simultaneous raids on a dozen Gates-owned properties across the nation, seizing computers, laptops, papers—about everything imaginable, including 3,000 pages of notes on a project called ‘How to Rule the World.’ It sounds like something from a Pinky & The Brain cartoon, but JAG believes it’s legitimate. In short, it describes taking over the vaccine industry and contaminating vaccinations with compounds that either kill the recipient or turn him into a mindless slave,” our source said.

Uncoincidentally, Gates had entrenched himself in the vaccine industry and owned substantial shares of Merck, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Novartis, and GlaxoSmithKline, all major pharmaceutical companies. He had injected enormous amounts of cash into the industry, and in turn profited massively on his investments.

When JAG officials questioned Gates about his ‘How to Rule the World’ agenda, the Microsoft guru claimed that the documents were merely a template for a video game that he and former partner Paul Allen had first contemplated in 1975, shortly after Microsoft’s inception. Gates said he shelved the game idea due to time restraints and technological limitations of that era but continued outlining it to alleviate boredom. He said he was a philanthropist and a humanitarian and that he had never harmed a soul, as violence toward others diametrically opposed his good nature.

When JAG confronted him with SD card videos that the military had seized during a May 17 raid on Gates’ Wyoming ranch, Gates began bragging about his wealth and told military investigators that he would make them extremely wealthy men in exchange for his release.

Then Gates got a reality check. He was told that JAG and the Office of Military Commissions had “appropriated” his properties and frozen his assets both at home and abroad.

“At that point, Gates once again got quiet, after demanding a lawyer,” our source said.

In closing, our source added that at least six witnesses, including Gates’ ex-wife Melinda, are expected to testify against Gates on August 23. Michael Baxter ~

As we have been watching the tribunals the execution, when found guilty happens rather quickly….

Maybe all prisoners in PRISON, should have mandatory vaccines? Watcha think?

Bill Gates may need multiple doses…

August 23, FOLKS! SOON!


  1. Glenda Sharkey says:

    I am for giving Bill every vaccine he has thought of and for every child harmed in any way through his evil.

  2. Glenda says:

    For first time in looking back I thought for is a little close to giving even before I saw your response 😂NO FORGIVENESS for the enormous pain he and that alleged “do gooder” wife did.

  3. DAVID S ROBERTS says:

    Tracy, I would be very careful in reposting articles from RRN. Don’t get me wrong, I want those stories to be true but there are too many articles MB has posted that just don’t pass the smell test. Pence being shot with a sucking chest wound and then two weeks later speaking at a convention, a little after that being interviewed on TV, and then later being live at a convention. Then, the story about Jeffrey Epstein being the Kraken that lawyer Sydney was talking about when she debunked that and explained what she meant. Even if every other article there was true, just those two points causes me to doubt the rest. It could be that it is a black hat operation keeping us good guys from acting on our own because “someone, somewhere behind the scenes is executing the plan” so we wait for action that will never come because we are hoping someone else is acting in our best interests. (If I am wrong about that, I will be the first to apologize, but our country is at risk of being lost forever and it may very well take action from citizens because the LEO and military are doing nothing.)

    • Tracy Zona says:

      David…Thank you for expressing your concern. I have stated many times if I make a mistake I will OWN it. To date…I have been right about EVERYTHING and haven’t been proven wrong once. You wouldn’t believe how many arrests have occurred as I call out the CRIMINALS. I am sure that will happen at some point, that I am wrong. My TRUST in TRUTH comes from my research, drops in my blog, seeing amazing things on the backside of my blog….it’s like having a front row seat to the GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE. And I think much of it is just that, a movie. GCI..SILICON MASKS…. HOLLYWOOD STYLE. I believe Pence to be gone a long time ago. I think RRN has a lot of TRUTH to it…although I feel most of it happened between 2019 and now. I feel RRN is soft exposure for the GREAT TRUTHS that will be revealed. It is frustrating…I KNOW. Generals and Admirals are often quoted and no one in the military has denied those quotes.

      • DAVID S ROBERTS says:

        I truly hope you are right. I hope all of it is true, it’s just the idea of Hillary, Schiff, Pence, Comey, and the others ALL have duplicates is a little hard to swallow. I am just hoping for a picture, a video, something to verify the stories. I am getting tired of one deadline after another passing with little to no action occurring as we get closer and closer to losing everything. If I were in a little bit better health, I would have gone full on ‘Red Dawn’ on these traitors by now. No one else seems to be acting.

        • Tracy Zona says:


        • K Bro says:

          David S. Roberts sounds like someone trying to “quiet” you from your work…

          • Tracy Zona says:

            Thank you so much. I like those words “MY WORK’. All I want is for the world to be a better place. Not filled with criminals, abusers, demons, and EVIL. I’ll be peaceful and quiet when it’s there….BUT NOT UNTIL:)

            ~ Family is The Most Important Thing in This World. It has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with blood and EVERYTHING to do with Goodness, Kindness, Respect and Genuine Selfless Love. ~

  4. Where we go one..we go ALL! Hey what’s that sound everybody look what’s going. down…..

  5. Laur says:

    I am a Canadian. I HOPE that the land will be returned to Canadians. I won’t believe until it has happened though. I cannot trust info from RRN either. Many want proof and that is needed for belief to set in. Writing articles without proof or providing links to sources is just gossip.
    Whenever a shill shows up and claims something the first thing in responses is “where is your proof”. Yet those that have these shills arrive do not provide proof either.
    It is no wonder that people are confused and doubt when there are so MANY of these false promisers out there. I have followed many over the years and found disappointment instead of the victory they claimed was happening. Some are found out early due to asking for money but some are financed by the evil cabal and do not need our pittance of a few bucks.
    I HOPE…. and wait.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      RRN quotes the military and Generals…NONE OF THE MILITARY HAS DEBUNKED IT. Don’t you think if General Berger did not say “HIS MARINES would not be subject to mandatory vaccines” he would have debunked RRN quickly. And besides that I wrote seven months ago BILL GATES WAS A CHILD SEX TRAFFICKER. No one is a shill Laur….everybody HAS LIVED THIS LIFE AND HAS STAKE IN THIS GAME. I have found everyone to have pieces of information from their own stories which is more valuable than ANY HIGH PAID NEWSREPORTER telling LAUR what she wants to hear. Paid for by the Chinese. DON’T DISCREDIT, CONSTANTLY, the new way NEWS is brought before the people. With honest to goodness REAL, GOOD PEOPLE, that know more about what’s happening than ANDERSON COOPER! Happy Friday…Laur….I am beginning to feel like NO GOOD NEWS WILL EVER BE GOOD NEWS TO YOU…..CUOMO RESIGNED THIS WEEK….your just not getting it. Linking sources is bullshit when the sources are bullshit. Some jerk yesterday linked SNOPES…..run by GEORGE SOROS and the PORN CREW…but by goodness…he had a LINK! Does that make it REAL…..LAUR?

    • Tracy Zona says:

      And btw Laur…I purposely don’t link links….My research, after four years, has NOT BEEN WRONG YET. (WHEN I AM, I WILL POST I MADE A WRONG CONCLUSION OF ALL MY RESOURCES, AS I HAVE MANY) I put the information out there so others can go search, what I have found so they may find TEN MORE PIECES OF INFORMATION I didn’t find and bring it back here to share with all of us. Like you have. Your mind is still in another dimension waiting for someone to tell you what is real and what is not…are you “WAITING ON GODOT?” Epstein, Nygard, boom, boom, boom, they have ALL GONE DOWN….A pedophile senator from AZ, Cuomo..the list goes on and on…..YET YOUR STUCK IN DISBELIEF.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      From day one….it has been said “THE CHOICE TO KNOW IS YOURS” I KNOW…and I am in a place I CAN FEEL HAPPY COUMO RESIGNED…..AND SO MANY SEX TRAFFICKERS ARRESTED. And I am hopeful for the future. And beyond GRATEFUL to the military and President Trump. LOSING HOPE IS NOT IN MY DNA!

      • Scarlett O'Hara says:

        We don’t have time to think about it tomorrow Tracy!!! I have a young man who works with a grocery where I shop who texts me every time a date projected for President Trump to come back does not happen…or No one on TV has told him about all these arrests. It is a bit like a 7 year old you have promised a popsicle and you are late delivering or taking a kid on a 3 hour trip and every 5 minutes he wants to know are we there yet🙄??? Yes I too am growing weary of those who refuse to research on their on and then want to shoot holes in what we have uncovered and spent precious time doing! Carry on sweet girl! WWG1WGA

    • Kathy Wilson says:

      I’m also Canadian and have been worried sick since my
      two adult kids took that Danny vax.It has caused bad
      feelings and as a mom who has already lost a child, the
      wait is excrutiating. I can’t see my grandsons because I
      refuse to take the vax. I have been drinking FGPeroxide
      once a week-one 1 tsp. diluted to 3%.It is h2o2- it has
      an extra molecule of oxygen.My partner works in a
      Nrsng.home . He got vax but was sicker than I’ve seen
      him in 30 yrs.and although there were outbreaks, I never
      contracted anything. Keep trusting in the Lord. I don’t
      believe he’ll lose even one of his sheep, because this is
      about souls-good vs evil. We already know that God wins.
      All things were created by him and through him and there
      is none other like him.We praise his name and like all
      good fathers, he will shelter the faithful from harm.

      • Tracy Zona says:

        I hope so Kathy….My best friend just went and did it. I am so upset…..I love her to death and have to accept some are just FOLLOWERS. Nothing in her heart but good…..but just a follower. I am praying…..Thank you for visiting my site!

  6. Glenda says:

    Totally Agree Tracy🇺🇸

  7. Mary+Laffrey says:

    You said it Tracy!! God bless you for saying it! Did you happen to see the Dan Scavino post on telegram that showed Dan Scavino holding up a iPad to president Trump and outside the office was a window looking in from like a hallway and I think it must have been JFK Jr smiling, the picture was a little bit blurred and it said do we tell them today or next week? I sure hope they’ll tell us soon. I know JFK’s cousin RFK Jr touched his nose when someone asked him on a video is JFK Junior alive touch your nose and he touched his nose‼️ So I believe it I wish they’d uncover him and bring him out for us to see and the world to just drop their jaws 😲😲

  8. JK says:

    I’d love to see Gates slowly suffer to death by lethal injection of VACCINE! My friends would always laugh at me when I told them about how Bill Gates was one of the most evil people on the planet. The hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries in Africa and India caused by his hand under the guise of his nonsense “charity”. This guy would promote depopulation in public and the television hosts and listeners would just nod their heads at him like he was making sense. I am so happy to hear that this truly disgusting individual is now at the mercy of the military, and I know they will show him NONE. Money is the root of all evil, and when you tire of money, you become power hungry. It’s no surprise to me that he had dreams of ruling the world. What a piece of human garbage, good riddance!

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Gosh….EVERYONE I spoke to this weekend wished the exact same! What a monster…..Africa and India, what he did there, horrific. LAUGH AT YOU!? You are spot on……Thank you for coming here….:)

  9. Dana Johnson says:

    I so hope you are right. I just wish I wasn’t seeing so much going on that is still destroying the U.S. I believe Trump and the Military are in control. I just wish more things were shown publicly. More of the tribunals and facts about those that are supposedly dead. My husband wont even talk to me about any of this he thinks I am crazy. So please God speed. On saving us all.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      The white hats are in control. Much of what you see is fear porn and fake news. I don’t know how anyone can deny what is happening since the minute Jeffrey Epstein was arrested. Yes please… to God speed and thank you for visiting my site.:)

  10. Todd kundert says:

    If this is true….and we know the vaccines are deadly….WHY ARE THEY STILL BEING ALLOWED TO FORCE THEM ON THE PEOPLE!???

  11. Laur says:

    Tracy, I just remembered something. I had read in a book or online that someone had figured out the areas of damage if nuclear plants failed. As some have been leaking and no one is fixing them, someone made a map of safe areas. I remember that part of the USA and part of Canada were safe.
    I don’t remember where exactly but I wonder if that is why China was buying the farm land? Could those areas that were thought to be safe in the future be the exact ones that were snapped up by them?
    Maybe it isn’t about farming food… maybe it is about livability?
    Heard from my sister this morning and she lives in farm area in Canada and told me that everyone’s crops are being harvested now and the yield is low. Read that other countries are experiencing the same low yield.
    To be on the safe side, might be a good idea to start a supply storage before prices are out of control. No.. not trying to scare anyone… just want people to be aware and safe. IF this happens, it will get ugly.

  12. Luigi says:


    I too, am a Canadian. Watching all this unfold. Who do you share it with? Very few!
    Epstein, nygaard, Cosby, Weinstein, and now Cuomo. Best of all was Tom Hanks! The Hollywood elite that Ricky Gervais was laughing at and exposing at the golden globe awards. That was a priceless moment!
    I believe the difficulty will be in releasing all the information at once with photos, videos, confessions? The masses will be in shock, and stunned by the atrocities carried out by these pedophiles and deviants.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Thank you Luigi….. I DON’T KNOW HOW ANYONE COULD BE SHOCKED…after the events of the last two years…However, I talk to people every day that are CLUELESS. Thanks for visiting my site…..my Canadians friends are in my heart and thoughts everyday:)

      • Luigi says:

        Thanks Tracy.

        Keep on with the great information! Where is the list of names of sealed indictments created by pres. Trump?
        When will this purge jump across our int’l border and look at our corrupt political mess here?
        Not just MAGA…. more like, MNAGA. (make North America great again)

  13. Luigi says:

    Actor, Arthur Roberts, who portrays Joe Biden in press conferences.
    Ever heard the name? If readers, have doubts….. search the name indicated above, and notice the facial similarity. From then, you have a better understanding of how corrupt these groups are. Pelosi was nearly apprehended….
    Pass the popcorn please! 😁

  14. D Taylor says:

    I know satan will torture him eternally with no mercy like he is Hitler and it never stops. So let his own karma we will say send him on to eternity. He chose it himself.

  15. Kathy Wilson says:

    Somehow, I don’t think Gates will get to choose how he
    leaves this earth. I think the Tribunal can decide. I also
    believe he and the others should be offered the chance
    to repent to the Lord. He will know who is siincere.

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