August 4, 2021
August 7, 2021
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Yes…Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s butt boy…..met her/his FATE. DEATH.





~ The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps on Wednesday hanged former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, just a month after a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay found her guilty of high treason and recommended that she be put to death for crimes committed against the nation and its citizenry.

Asked if she had any last words, a tearful Rice said she had done nothing wrong, that she had only ever followed lawful orders.

Her execution took place without much fanfare, and she died on the same apparatus that was used to execute Hillary Clinton last April. Vice Adm. John G. Hannink ordered the execution detail to conduct the sentence at 9:00 a.m. Rice’s neck snapped, and an attending military physician declared her dead.

Vice Adm. John G. Hannink remarked that he took no pleasure in overseeing executions but acknowledged that duty mandated he conduct “unpleasant business.”

“These are grim times, and we’re called upon to enforce sometimes unpleasant business. We must remember that these people are among the worst society had to offer, and their departure from this world does make the earth a better place and give us a glint of hope for the future,” Vice Adm. Hannink told the small assembly who had gathered to watch Rice hang by the neck until dead.

A source involved in the military’s Deep State purge told Real Raw News that rice spent her last few days in captivity in tears, a sharp departure from the stoic silence she displayed at her time of arrest and during her military tribunal.

“She was in some state those last four or five days. She cowered in a corner of her cell with her knees drawn up to chest, crying that she was innocent. She begged the guards who brought her meals to let her go—like they could have done anything. I think she was hoping her Deep State allies would spring her, but in the end, she got what she deserved,” our source said.

Rice had had numerous opportunities to avoid the hangman’s noose. The military had hoped Rice would supply incriminating information on her former boss, Barack Hussein Obama, who the military believes is still masterminding the Deep State’s efforts to enslave law-abiding American patriots.

“Obama’s hold on these people is remarkable,” our source said. “Rice wouldn’t give him up. Podesta wouldn’t give him up. The Clintons wouldn’t give him up. But that’s not stopping JAG from pursuing its case against him, and it’s only a matter of time before Obama shares a similar fate,” our source said. Michael Baxter ~


It’s been a CRAY, CRAY, week for me…..SOMEDAY I WILL SAY IT ALL!




  1. Amy says:

    Was Rice a man?? I always thought she looked weird.

  2. Pork Wontons says:

    Great post, Tracy. Great points and it does seem that by making it seem that Obama is still on the loose, he is the one pulling Biden’s strings.

    I came across this great video https://www.brighteon.com/7af54f8a-d3d1-433c-aa17-8bea61e2f619 which explains how our constitutional Republic was stolen and replaced by a foreign corporation.

    Best part is a plan/lawsuit to eradicate it along with big pharma, big medicine (AMA, CDC, WHO), institute REAL healthcare that advocates REAL health, natural cures, and frequency (med beds), restoration of REAL banking owned by the people, removal of criminals at the top levels of government and corporations, forgiveness of mortgages and other debts, (invalidating loans made by criminal banks,), payouts to individuals, physicians, businesses, seniors, elimination of Federal Income Tax, property tax, elimination of censorship and the return of free speech,etc, etc, etc. Best of all, the criminals at the high levels will not be permitted to participate in the newly restored Republic and its economy and will have their assets seized.

  3. DAVID S ROBERTS says:

    Tracy, do you believe there has been a delay in the reporting of these executions like we are getting the info months later of events that have already happened? The videos of their confessions/trials is what I am looking forward to. It’s beyond time to get the Kenyan Jackal into a noose, for Biden it will be easier, they can put him in a round room and tell him there’s a little girl in the corner, he’ll wear himself out looking for her.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      What a great email….Yes, I do believe there has been a delay and we are receiving information months later. I am certain the entire truth will be put forward in detail. When the time and safety of everyone involved is right. Thank you very much for visiting my site! Have a great weekend.

    • Tiffany says:

      You are one fucking entitled asshole. Why the hell should YOU get the video confessions?????? NO ONE will see them if or until the Military deems it beneficial for EVERYONE to see or not, NOT just you.

      What a spoiled fucking idiot.

  4. Laur says:

    BARACK OBAMA WAS SHOT DEAD IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD then Barack Hussein Obama, who the military believes is still masterminding the Deep State’s efforts to enslave law-abiding American patriots.
    which is it? I am confused.
    Did you know that Real Raw News has this as it’s disclaimer: “This website contains humor, parody, and satire. ”
    that makes me think they are fake news.
    This page has info on Trump stating that he will use the military to vaccinate Americans. Trump is a woman, jawline proof. this is more than halfway down the page so scroll to see this.
    Trump invested in hydroxychloroquine which is in the vaccine and it is used in malaria and chemo… it suppresses the IMUNE system! He talks like it is great for us but it is horrible!
    AND we see Trump throwing up the 666 hand signal in another video.

    It looks like my suspicions were right. There are two factions warring against each other in the evil empire.
    God said trust no man.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I completely disagree with you on this LAUR. Completely. Actions speak louder than words…President Trump has made countless interviews time and time again that someone has to do something to STOP the children from disappearing. I read he infiltrated this Satanic cult, the only way…TO KNOW YOUR ENEMY. Here is the disclaimer on Real Raw News – ” An independent publisher, RealRawNews explores content often avoided by the mainstream media. ” Couple that with other news, research, and events….MONKEY WERX, etc. As far as hydroxychloriquine….incorrect again. I am sorry. “Rather than suppressing the WHOLE IMMUNE SYSTEM, the drug appears to work by stopping immune proteins called autoantibodies from triggering the immune response that causes these diseases.” I have heard this argument against PRESIDENT TRUMP before….. it is an attempt at confusion and doubt. At which I have neither.

      • Tracy Zona says:

        And Laur….I can see things on the back side of my blog. I was not supposed to exist. I AM CERTAIN OF WHAT I SAW. 100 PERCENT!

        • Laur says:

          What do you mean, “the back side of my blog”?

          I would like to read about Trump infiltrating the cabal, do you have a link? Also, if one infiltrates a group like that… don’t you have to do something evil to be accepted?

          The comments in the MonkeyWerx from.. yesterday or day before.. have another idea about all the activity.. that people are bringing in lots of illegals from other countries to do damage, riot, etc.

          Real Raw News: what you quote is the sites “about” and if you scroll down a wee bit you will see the disclaimer “Information on this website is for informational and educational and entertainment purposes. This website contains humor, parody, and satire. We have included this disclaimer for our protection, on the advice on legal counsel.”
          The part with the humor parody and satire is in bold. that is what makes me doubt that site for news.

          I will do more research on the drug.

          As for Trump’s mother, I looked her up and read she was poor and charitable. However, we all know that many we thought were charitable and good have turned out to be evil. We will never be able to tell what a person is really like by what they show us. If there is other info that I have not found I would be glad to read it.

          I did not mean for my post here to upset you. I have had so many false hopes dashed that I now cannot trust anyone. I hope, HOPE that you are right on Trump. It will take a long time for me to decide if he is really trying to stop evil.

          These arrests and executions have been ongoing for a long time now and yet there is no broadcasts of anything about it on the cabal media. So many people are still in the dark. We are supposed to be patient but it has been years. How long can we wait? There are army vehicles and activity going on in the states like crazy according to the posts on the MonkeyWerx video. We know many of the military are deep state cabal too.
          If there would be something put out for all of humanity to see… that would not hinder the arrests at all. THEY know what is going on already. WE are the ones in the dark.
          I am sick of the dark.

          • Tracy Zona says:

            Research his mother’s bloodline. Your post did not upset me. I am firm in my faith. Spent four years researching…..I have even heard those that escaped the cabal say that they knew their timeline was up. A lot has actually been put out….your just choosing not to believe it. I am not going to try to convince you…even though I do care. You can’t allow them to scar you.

          • Tracy Zona says:

            ~ Certain times when it seemed there was just no hope – those are the times that turned out the best for me – because I don’t give up! ~ DJT

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I am fortunate to have many in my life that have proved by years of ACTIONS that I can TRUST them. If my ex abusive husband and his EVIL GANG could not take away my hope, spirit, and heart and belief in HUMANITY, NOTHING WILL. Much less this email.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      You should research PRESIDENT TRUMP’S mother…..I have lived within A LOT OF THIS EVIL…..THAT NEVER MADE ME ONE OF THEM.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      BTW….The military/vaccines was code for arrests of the CABAL. And after my research the MILITARY HAS DONE THEIR JOB. I am sorry to hear of your TURN on President Trump.

      • Laur says:

        Then why are people getting the vaccine like my family? Why are people dying from it? If it was code or a cover, why are people suffering? I am asking, not fighting with you okay? I don’t get why we are dropping dead and it is called a cover.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      As far as Barack Obama it could be both. He initially was going to help President Trump, to save his life, only, after he gave up all on Mike/Michelle but he instead, betrayed his word. When the military is safe and the operation completed…YOU WILL GET THE FULL TRUTH. PLEASE do your research on PRESIDENT TRUMP’S MOTHER. Again…I believe these are soft announcements to prepare the world for the HORRIBLE TRUTHS that will be exposed.

      • Pork Wontons says:

        Remember the phrase “shadow President” ? Add to that a new term “devolution” .


        Great multi-year summaries.

        “President Trump’s administration is covertly being preserved by the U.S military through a process called devolution. Trump put in place a mechanism by which he could remain Commander in Chief, even as Joe Biden appears to be President.

        The premise that Trump could do this is based on the idea that America has been in an undeclared war with China since at least January of 2020. Trump has said on several occasions that when China allowed covid-19 to escape Wuhan, they committed an act of war. When the U.S. is at war—even when it is an undeclared war—the President has powers not available to him in peacetime. These powers do not require congressional approval and many times when they are exercised, the public is not aware. The President can, in wartime, take whatever steps are deemed necessary to save the Republic.

        Standby orders were issued more than three weeks ago to ready these plans…”. That means in February of 2020. Trump had ordered the military to review and prepare the continuity of government plans.
        Trump and the military have established regional hubs of governmental authority.”

        Remember when Q kept saying “remember your oath ” ? He was talking to the military. The continuity of government has two parts-military led by General Flynn and civil run by FEMA. FEMA caps meant for Patriots are now housing traitors and Deep State players who have been arrested.

        Lots of info dumps this past week. This is some office
        what I’ve learned. August 11 is the Emergency Broadcast System test which is supposed to last half an hour. Mike Liddell, the “My Pillow” guy and his $5 million challenge and rallies to dispute “his” proof, charts, counts, locations, etc of where voter fraud occured. (Hmmm.. Where did he get that info and who is he really? Gotta love this movie with its GREAT actors).
        September 5 is the date being tossed around when we can return to normal-bye-bye fake COVID Scam-demic, and hello gold-back currency for starters. Somewhere between August 11 and September 5 is the “ten days of darkness” with power and communications outages after which the lying main stream media will exist no more along with uncensored Internet thanks to Project Odin. Still awaiting the “first (public) arrest that will shock the world”. We shall see how it plays out but THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

        • Tracy Zona says:

          Thank you PORK WONTONS for the updated news……I hope your having an amazing weekend. I have read all of the same…..:) Thank you! Thank you!

        • Laur says:

          China has bought farm land in USA. They also bought farm land in Canada.

          • Tracy Zona says:

            You and I have already discussed this Laur…..IF YOU HAVE FAITH AND TRUST, in PRESIDENT TRUMP AND GOD, you would know the land is coming back to us……PROPERTY SEIZED if you have committed crimes of humanity. What I wish is you would trust yourself more…Your a very good researcher.

    • Claire Ahern says:

      Troll. Tell a truth, follow with a lie. Usual cabal disinfo tactics.

      • Tracy Zona says:

        YEP! They know this is almost FINISHED!

      • Laur says:

        are you calling me a troll?? because I am not. What I am is frustrated, confused, angry, hurt, tired, but seeking truth. If we do not ask questions then we haven’t learned a damned thing. To just accept is what we have done and look at the mess we are in.
        If anyone thinks that asking questions is wrong or attacks someone for asking then there is no hope. Discussion and exchange of info is needed.

        • Tracy Zona says:

          The TROLL was the one from Atlanta, Georgia that said “I SHOULD BE DEAD” etc. No one called you a TROLL. Your questions are fine. However you said you were tired…I feel that. And I am sorry that the EVIL in this world has made you non trusting. Cynical, confused, and angry etc. You can’t allow them to take your heart and soul Laur….. It actually hurts my heart.

    • Tiffany says:

      YOU are a real idiot. 1. If you’d even bothered to read the RRN About page, you’d have seen that they included the clause about Parody, etc, at their legal counsel’s advice. What a jerk you are. 2. No, President Trump is NOT going to use the Milirary to vaccinate people. Where the fuck do you get this bullshit? Oh, you’re a libtard; now I get it. And no, 3. President Trump is NOT a woman. Good try. But, Ofucko is a homo and “Michelle” is a man. Yes, it’s true. “Her” name is Michael Lavaughn Robinson. “She” has a dick. The world has know this for 7-8 years now. Sweet dream, jerk!

  5. Sharron M. says:

    As always great tidbits of info Tracy. There ARE men (and women) worthy of trust. Good souls abound. The exposure of Truth at times requires patience.

    What better way to fool an adversary then to befriend one.

    Have a wonderful – decompressing – weekend…🌞🍹

    …and thanks too to all your commentors for posting valuable info.

  6. torri says:

    Some of your info is true but some is complete nonsense. Truth mixed with lies. I don’t know why anyone of you honestly believe Trump who hung out with Jeff Epstien and was on his island is here to save you. He is not. The only reason he stopped the adrenochrome was because there is a battle between those devil worshipping demons. there is a battle between the golden dawns and those other group of luciferians. That is why prince harry broke away from the queen not because he is the good prince because he was tried of that old bat and their controlling ways. So he joined the other side of devil worshippers where he would have more control and power. Kanye and trump are on the same side that is why that marriage Kim K. would not have worked because they are in constant demonic battle with each other. His is high level wizard and she is a high level witch. Trump is not saving anyone he can barely save himself with his bisexual self. I believe you know that and that is why you are spreading misinformation. If your ex husband hangs with John Paul and all of these rich people, why aren;’t you dead? You said that they are trying to shut down your blogs, if these info is really true and you have a large enough audience where people will believe this. I am more than certain they would of killed you by now. Trump is not a good guy, he plays the game very well. He hung out with all of those demons. His family are a long line of jewish people as well who are the same zionist. We see in Hollywood his family is related to the heinz family and there is a relic where it list all the names and family lineage. Trump and Hilary Clinton are cousins, everyone is somehow blood related. I believe Hilary Clinton was killed for her crimes. Absolutely not. But I do believe she is dead because there is nothing more that robot clone can do it malfunctions at every event. Bill Clinton dead, not from a trial bringing justice to his victims, but he was no longer useful and they killed off that clone. That thing looked dead when he had his last appearance. you are also apart of it and that is why you are still able to post this info in your blogs.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      First of all you can thank me BIG TIME for editing your reply.(Capitols, periods, etc. A written MESS!) THE TROLLS ARE OUT BIGTIME, ATLANTA. GEORGIA (IP:2601:c1:c100:b7c0:bd0a:1e33:b4c4:7260) …TYLER PERRY, the fake White House, and one of the most CORRUPT STATES in the nation. YOU are full of misinformation and lies. The tapes have been out for a couple of years of Donald Trump being the only one that would talk to the law authorities in Palm Beach about Jeffrey Epstein, and his refusal to allow him in Mar-a-lago. Like most demon TROLLS, you lie, and NEVER do your homework. As I supply research to the TRUTH…you ugly trolls never do. Kim Khardashian is on the arrest list…..everything you say is A CROCK OF SHIT. At one time I HUNG OUT WITH THE DEMONS, unaware they were DEMONS…..and what they did. If you have done any research there are WHITE HATS, including President Trump, that have been gathering intel for years.

      Are you UPSET I AM NOT DEAD? My story is 100 percent TRUE. You can even find it in matters of public records To VERIFY. A VERY GOOD REASON EXISTS THAT I AM NOT DEAD. IT IS ONE OF BEAUTY, FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, AND PEACE….. SOMEDAY when this is all said and done….and all the children are rescued…I WILL SHARE IT…. BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! On President Trump…YOU TROLLS HAVE NOTHING TO VALIDATE IT WITH. BTW…Dan Scavino just posted a picture of, President Trump, from, I am guessing the 80’s in a WHITE HAT! I find it HILARIOUS you do not believe Hillary Clinton was hung for her crimes which included cutting the face off of children. Do you wish her to get away with it? Do you wish the JOHN PAUL DEJORIA GANG KILLED ME? Next time you come here I will not EDIT all your mistakes.

      • Tiffany says:

        How you ever graduated elementary school is beyond me. You can’t even put a sentence together. Your spelling, punctuation, Capitals, and information is 100% a bloody mess, as are you personally. And, I guess your mother never washed your mouth out with soap for all the lies you tell. Have fun at adult remedial school.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Your another one that needs to research President Trump’s mother…….

      • torri says:

        You can edit my reply all you want to. But I see an agent who was given a role to spread misinformation. Your reliable sources told you that Hilary Clinton was hung? I read that garbage too. That thing was not hung nor went to trial for anything. The real Hilary Clinton been dead those were clones and robots we had been seeing of her. That is why she malfunctions all over the place. If all of this info is true like u say there would be a bounty on your head. Trump is not going to save you. He isa liar like the rest of them. U are probably a mk ultra kitten with your blonde hair. They love blondes in that industry. Trump worships Zeus and the stars. He was chosen to be president long ago. He is bisexual loose bootyhole puppet. If he saved all of those children where are the parents thanking him. And what is so crazy you are not addressing the battle of those luciferians. The Golden Dawn Vs The Phoenix. If u ran with those demons u would discuss that. U are leading people down the wrong path. Trump was not heaven sent he was used to divide people and cause confusion. Only God can save us not man. This is a spirit battle and u my dear are definitely in for a rude awakening.

        • Tracy Zona says:

          You are very judgemental….without knowing my heart, soul, nor hair color. Just proves exactly how presumptious, AND WRONG you are. I am no agent of any kind…..I lost my life…TO EVIL. I am leading no one down the wrong path. I RESEARCH, HAVE A BACKSIDE TO MY BLOG, HAVE INFORMATION DROPPED IN MY BLOG….I don’t just “HEAR THINGS IN OHIO” AND “WATCH THE GAME OF THRONES.”

    • Tracy Zona says:

      President Trump…BISEXUAL? Where did you get that…OUT OF YOUR ASS? Just wondering….now that is a FIRST? And Atlanta, Georgia….YOU WOULD KNOW THAT, HOW?

      • Claire Ahern says:

        Who else are they going to attack? Natural reaction of cornered rats. Don’t sweat it.

        • Tracy Zona says:

          They could NEVER MAKE ME SWEAT IT…I have been at this for four years. I have suffered much more than being called “a blond mk ultra sex kitten”. LOL! Thank you…..but I do not allow their TROLLING on my blog. I asked this ATLANTA TROLL for ONE BIT OF RESEARCH. The reply ” I HEARD IT IN OHIO.” The RATS are RUNNING…..ATLANTA is proof of that. Thank you, AGAIN…..Peace and LOVE TO YOU!

  7. torri says:

    Actually from Ohio. And there are many stories of his bisexual love affairs. His man/she wife definitely put icing on the cake. He is a man of God but wife’s a jezebel spirit. U can look at that woman and see her wickedness with her rsnake like eyes. That is his handler and they are divorced. Those shows discuss everything of Golden Dawn Vs Phoenix, the name of the show is Game of thrones. This is all a game. Have a blessed life and trust and believe, you demons will not win this war. Most high will always win.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      From OHIO? LOL! Where is your research…where is your PROOF!? Sorry never watched GAME OF THRONES……turned off T.V. years ago. Instead, I read and RESEARCH. DO NOT EVER CALL ME A DEMON….your not GOD and have no right to judge others. I have lost everything, and sacrificed to end these DEMONS. Now “He is a man of GOD?” Your very confused…I am not. Instead of watching GAME OF THRONES for all you know…please research President Trump’s mother.

  8. torri says:

    You know exactly what you are doing. U are allowed to post this info. The killing of kids is absolutely true I believe it but the other stuff like Susan Rice being killed for her crimes along with podesta. Podesta is a literal lizard. His teeth eyes skin his stare is very lizard like. Did he cry and e remorseful I think not. He has been spirit cooking twith that witch who is famous for performance art. These things these demonic entities who believe they are gods will never face punish in this life time. If you absolutely believe all of that where Trump order this and that person to be executed for their crimes then that is on you. I researched his weird looking mom and dad. Those are Satanists long line of them. Trump and Hilary are cousins. Research Golden Dawn vs Phoenix. The hermetic orders and this battle started centuries ago. Trump is not here to save anyone but to destroy. Look up “strawberry fields”, and the connection of those red maga hats in the reference of soul scalping.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      After this response……I began my blog, because it is all I had left. No one owns my soul. I told MY STORY because many women have suffered my FATE and I needed to expose it…the only way to change things. I had no idea the journey it would take me on. Your presumptions are rude and wrong and now you even call President Trump’s parents “weird looking.” BRING FORTH YOUR RESEARCHED INFORMATION or please GO AWAY with all your judgements, based on what you were told in Ohio, and watching the GAME OF THRONES.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I am ALLOWED to post this information because we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH in the United States….it is called the first amendment. GET USED TO IT! And I find it INCREDIBLY INTERESTING and REPORTABLE you think “I should be dead” for telling MY OWN TRUE STORY. Consider it done.

  9. Donna+R says:

    Tracy thank you for sharing your story and being a Patriot!! God Bless you

  10. Jake says:

    Have you seen the video/pics of “obama’s” recent birthday party out on Martha’s Vineyard. It’s on you tube. It leaked out because no one is wearing a mask.
    Could this be a clone/double of Obama?

  11. Viper says:

    All bs. There are no tribunals. If true,. Prove it. Provide a picture of her on trial or inher cell. If this has been going on for as long people claim, there would have been at least one or two photos leaked by now. All lies and there is no Q plan. All false hope bs

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