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Not one person in over FORTY YEARS took on that BIBLICAL TASK, till now…..






~ Hillary Clinton Hanged at GITMO
Monday, April 26, 2021 22:35

Scrambled eggs with jalapeno peppers, and a strawberry milkshake. The last meal of the condemned.

Hillary Rodham Clinton was hanged at Guantanamo Bay Monday night, her death the culmination of an operation that began on March 2 when U.S. Navy SEALs on Donald J. Trump’s authority arrested the disgraced politician at her Chappaqua, NY mansion. After a five-day tribunal at the world’s most infamous detention center, a three-officer panel found Clinton guilty of murder, accessory to murder, treason, child trafficking, and other high crimes. Clinton, who had refused counsel, had uttered nary a word throughout the proceedings, and had taken Vice Adm. John G. Hannink’s sentence of death with an unflinching gaze.

The hanging took place at 9:05 p.m., at once after Taps, which marks the start of quiet hours on U.S. military bases across the globe.

“The world is about to sleep quieter tonight,” Vice Adm. John G. Hannink said to a small assembly that included 3 Joint Chiefs of Staff and, notably, Donald J. Trump, who, garbed in his typical dark suit and crimson tie, had arrived at GITMO earlier in the day. Michael Pompeo and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani flanked him, both men having played an integral role in amassing evidence against Clinton.

Under military guard, a shackled Hillary Clinton was escorted from Camp Delta detention block to gallows made of steel latticework, with a downward swinging door beneath her feet, that the Army Corps of Engineers had erected in a clearing near Windward Point Lighthouse, on GITMO’s southern edge. Affixed to a steel beam was a rectangular box with five circular, red buttons protruding from the case. In front of each button stood a uniformed soldier. Atop the platform, another soldier slipped a braided noose around Clinton’s neck.

Vice Adm. Hannink addressed the execution detail: “When I say ready, and not one moment before, you will poise your left index finger in front of the button. You will keep it hovered there until I say execute, and then you five must simultaneously press your button. Only one of the five buttons will trigger the door, and none of you will ever know which button that was. Do you understand these instructions?”

“Yes, sir,” the five bellowed in unison.

A chaplain and a physician climbed the 13 steps leading to the top of the platform and stood beside a soldier who was checking to ensure the noose was secure around Clinton’s neck. Below them, Vice Adm. Hannink asked if Clinton wanted last rites or had any final words.

Clinton broke silence. “I’m Hillary Clinton, you can’t do this to me,” she said, her voice a witch’s cackle.

“It’s already done,” Donald J. Trump shouted up at her.

“Ready.” Vice Adm. Hannink nodded at the execution detail.

After a moment’s pause, he gave the “execute” order, the soldiers pressed their buttons, and the grate beneath Clinton’s feet swung open. Her legs and feet, still shackled at the ankles, twitched a moment or two, then stopped.

The rope was cut, and Clinton’s lifeless body lie sprawled in a damp patch of grass. The physician present checked her vitals and declared her dead.
A confidential source involved in Trump’s mission to obliterate the Deep State said the overall mood was somber and melancholy; there was no celebration, no jubilation, just an atmosphere of contentedness, an acknowledgement that what had to be done, was done. The nature of her crimes overshadowed celebratory thought. But a four-decade reign of terror had come to an end.

“As much as Trump hated her, this was purely business. He cares about the children who suffered at her hands more than he cares about what she did to him. Yes, her demise sends a signal to the Deep State. But Trump knows there are many more to go, and he won’t celebrate till the job is done,” our source said.

Thank you MIKE POMPEO… L O V E



I saw Chappaqua, NY, on my blog ONE TO MANY TIMES, NOT TO CELEBRATE!

Who do you think is next?


  1. Sarita says:

    Was this a dream? Or factual? Well written either way… can you expound on it’s accuracy or am I just being taken in by wishful thinking?

    • Tracy Zona says:

      No dream. Actual news….however, as already stated, if your waiting to know the TRUTH from main stream news YOU WILL WAIT FOREVER. Hillary is DEAD.

      • Minty says:

        I wish it were true …but this really doesn’t explain her recent public appearances.

        • Tracy Zona says:

          Can’t be a DOUBTER…BELIEVE!:)

        • Angelique Vantoux says:

          They have Hillary Clones. We have all seen them. Biden is also a Clone. Biden 2.0 bet you didn’t know that one. There are tell-tale signs that only a trained eye can see. But I will help you out. Look at the right ear of Biden in images of him 10 years ago. He had a non-attached ear lobe. The Biden 2.0 of today has an attached ear lobe. BOOM you want proof. WHOOP THERE IT IS. YOU ARE LIVING IN THE MATRIX. Everything you THINK you know. IS A LIE.

          • Tracy Zona says:

            Thank you Angelique for your researched information….YES, I have neglected to talk about the CLONES yet, as some like JAYNE FROM WISCONSIN, may loose it!
            Thank you for visiting my blog and bringing forth new TRUTH! LOVE TO YOU!

          • Linda Grant says:

            When will this all come out? My grandmother always said proof is in the pudding. I hate to be a naysayer but again I want to see proof!

          • Tracy Zona says:

            The proof is all around you. It will eventually be told. What kind of proof are you waiting for, out of curiosity? The main stream media has refused to report the TRUTH. Have FAITH AND PURE INTUITION….I actually think it was a BRILLIANT PLAN because it rewired us to research, think for ourselves, and rely on GOOD OLE INTUITION!

          • Debbie Pike says:

            This Biden has a artistic silicone mask on. I first saw it in a CNBC talk about Feb. He has his top shirt button open and the interview last about 30 minutes. Very plain to see around his neck. It is lighter in skin tone than his coloring.

          • Tracy Zona says:

            Plain as day! 😀

        • Amanda says:

          Body doubles and clones!!

        • Julia Rusch says:

          During her reign( of terror) as Senator, First Lady , and Secretary of State, there were many body doubles used. No one seemed to realize it , even when she was constantly in the view of the nation. What makes you think that anyone would know whether this is the real Hillary or not ? When was the last time anyone actually SEEN her?

        • Ruben Velez says:

          These politicians usually hire actors and with help from Hollywood have faces made up to look like them. just like you see in movies. Yes, this is true.

        • Alen says:

          They had 4 doubles of Clinton.

        • TIanni says:

          Its a DOUBLE, a LOOK ALIKE, a FAKE! WAKE UP Ding Dong the WITCH is DEAD! God Bless America. WTF you mean this doesnt eplain her recent appearances? Common sense should kick in, & tell you the person you see is not actually her, because she is dead. You are still sleep.

  2. BwoXin says:


    • Tracy Zona says:

      You guys CRACK ME UP? After FORTY/four years of SEEING FAKE NEWS, what source would you qualify as SOLID OR QUALITY!? Do you think Megan Kelly will tell you, Chris Wallace, Laura Ingraham, or any of the other liars? Barbara Walters…. for GOODNESS SAKES THEY ARE ALL IN CAHOOTS. HILLARY IS DEAD. Your going to WAIT A LONG TIME, FOREVER, if your waiting for it on non-credible t.v. news. It came from REALRAWNEWS, and BEFOREITSNEWS, AND IT IS CREDIBLE. When everyone is executed, that will be executed, I am certain the TRUTH will be shown. TO THE WORLD. In the meantime…WE ARE THE NEWS. THE PEOPLE. MYSELF INCLUDED. I know it is a hard adjustment, however, I turned my T.V. OFF over a year ago. I research and watch everything. I source my own news. SO FAR I AM BATTING 100 PERCENT and you would be too if you STOP EXPECTING one of those nitwits to tell you PRESIDENT TRUMP is SUCCESSFUL!

      • Emily says:

        Thank you Tracy for all of the hard work you put into these posts. I stumbled upon your blog just a few days ago in my own search for truth. Thank God for people like you who give a lot of your time to get the truth out there.

        • Tracy Zona says:

          Thank you very much. I have been compelled:) To experience this awakening after years of terror, harassment, and abuse is GLORIOUS. WE ALL WANT A KINDER WORLD. JUSTICE IS BEING SERVED!!!

        • Jayne says:

          Yeah, if plagiarism is hard work. The original article on this page word for word came from real raw news. The least this person could do is give credit where credit is due.

          • Tracy Zona says:

            Nasty! It’s been repeatedly said where it came from….IT’S IN QUOTES. THIS IS A BLOG! Besides that I’m not going to spoon feed you like a two year old….I am sending you on a path…. CREDIT…..I saw MY BLOG in multiple places yesterday…I am not looking for credit. I’m looking for the world to be about LOVE instead of EVIL…..General Michael Flynn said SPREAD INFORMATION….I have the forum and that is what I am doing. Go find it…..I did. TOOT A LOO! I’ve LIVED THIS BLOG….THE EVIL HAS COME AFTER ME….How about you? Are you worried about the children? I’ll bet you wear a mask….. If you read further, without being a KAREN…you would see I have interactive readers, instead of THE WORLD OF NASTY. Mr. Coman provided the link…because he did his HOMEWORK! LOVE IT! Keep reading…you may learn something. Next time please provide the WORLD with some information YOU BRING FORTH!

          • Tracy Zona says:

            I think NASTY JAYNE FROM WISCONSIN, should spend her weekend trying to find out where Mr. Baxter, from REALRAWNEWS received his info…..he failed to credit anyone! I’ll be too busy dancing with my kind, loving, caring amazing friends (celebrating)………SOME INFO GETS DROPPED! OR MAYBE…NASTY JAYNE FROM WISCONSIN, can spend her weekend trying to find out where in the HELL THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA have gotten their information for the LAST FORTY YEARS! They never say…..”just sources.” BE HAPPY JAYNE, JAYNE…..the TRUTH I SPREAD, via my blog, not yours, upon orders from General Michael Flynn, IS THE TRUTH! You are HAPPY, YES?

      • Glenna says:

        Tracy, they are using doubles and masks. Gen Flynn does not approve the use of clones. Everyone needs to follow Ghost Ezra and Whiplash 347 on Telegram. They’ve made it very clear and entertaining that doubles and masks are being used. James Wood, Jim Carey and even JFK Jr have taken turns playing Biden.

        • Tracy Zona says:

          Thank you very much for the information. I appreciate it. And yes I could understand General Flynn being against the use of clones. The good news is just a couple of years ago we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Awesome…to keep the information flowing! Thank you for visiting my blog.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Multiple. She has been powerless for some time now. DEAD. GONE.

    • frank j domanico says:

      The US Military

    • Cynthia Lawson says:

      I know many of us would LOVE this to be true… unfortunately, too many times it was said that she was at GITMO only to be seen/interviewed a few day later. Stuff like this makes us look so stupid. Let’s not be nutjobs… it makes us look like liberals.

      • Tracy Zona says:

        Nutjobs….NO WAY! Spot on. You haven’t seen the GCI, masks, and body doubles. They can make anyone, look like anyone, in movies. Gosh are you fooled? You don’t think our politicians have body doubles? I am not afraid of being labelled by you or anyone. Suffice to say, it was not only liberals that have committed these crimes. HILLARY IS DEAD! Don’t be left behind out of FEAR! (Abusers call you names to stop the TRUTH.) I’ve been called much worse on my journey…..LOL! NO FEAR….

        P.S. I hope your not one of those “LIBERAL”, “NUTJOBS” that think JOE BIDEN, is really JOE BIDEN, and is PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. YOUR STILL IN THE MATRIX.

      • Alen says:

        Don’t be deceived she was hanged. They have 4 doubles So does Obama, he is in prison awaiting tribunal court on crimes against humanity.

    • Ruben Velez says:

      You will not see any of these FACTS in the main stream media.

      • Tracy Zona says:

        The MAIN STREAM MEDIA HAS BEEN COMPLICIT AND HID THESE FACTS…for at least 40 years. I no longer know what to say to the dummies, that keep watching it…And what is worse is they then COME HERE and say BULLSHIT!

  3. Michael Nollen says:

    The world is a better place today

  4. JohnC says:

    Those nitwits have proven themselves to be nefarious in more ways than many. Now corporate media wants to blame anons for the re-count in AZ, rather than boost it up and say recount it, we’ll laugh in your face when its done. They want to illigitimize it and stop it. This in of it self shows everything. Some people refuse to see the truth even if its in their face. I believe it to be a spell that’s on people, would anyone know if they were under such a thing? Very few…. Yes its platforms like this you have set up that IS the news now. Things are changing whether people accept it or not it doesn’t matter, those that don’t will be left behind. I believe that woman has left this plane sometime ago. It is nice these things are coming out more into the light. Thank you.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Well said. The BRAINWASHING is so POWERFUL they can’t believe in TRUTH unless one of the FRAUDS OF THE WORLD say it’s TRUE. I LOVE YOU ALL….but you HAVE TO START THINKING FOR YOURSELF. I post what my research shows, along with valid drops, that I check over and over again. BUT YET, I want YOU TO CHECK me…because we have to get back to thinking and believing in we the people and believing in your own ability to disseminate TRUTH. I must say I understand. I was controlled by a manipulator for many years. It took some time before the lightbulbs went off and I trusted, ME!:)

  5. Vyom SM says:


  6. Paul Coman says:

    This is Michael Baxter article and it can been seen on his website

  7. Tiffany Woolley says:

    The crazy thing is how accustomed we are to hearing lies and believing them from MSM but harder from Conservative truth seaming networks!! Hoping she is just the beginning

    • Tracy Zona says:

      We individually have to change our mindset that has been manipulated for decades. Thanks Tiffany, you are such a wonderful lady and inspiration. You have fought fiercely for the EVIL to stay away from your beautiful family. And you shouldn’t have had too! A TRUE WARRIOR! My warrior SISTER! L O V E

  8. Annette says:

    I knew this is true. Discernment and wisdom is one of the things that are lacking because all the lies are believed.
    I was curious about Dolly the sheep well over 15 years ago and it opened my eyes to some really nefarious activities.
    Being curious, discerning, having a feeling that something isn’t right and having wisdom to know what is true and right, is something I’ve been grateful for.
    I’ve been reading, watching and cross referencing. Praising God from Canada because more things are happening here too! ♥️

  9. Sweet J says:

    What’s the point of knowing this if they still use a double to carry out her schemes. It’s the same as her being alive still.

    • Tracy Zona says:


  10. Chris says:

    Let the court jesters be tried for high treason next.

  11. Peter says:

    Some things just don’t make sense
    1. FJB was inaugurated in Jan, yet Trump was at Guantanamo in attendance at the execution. What branch of military was with Trump at the execution?
    2. So in the comments it says FJB is also a clone now, so who is running the country? Trump?
    3. If so how is it that nobody else seems to know this, like the rats in congress, etc.
    4. Why exactly wouldn’t this have been made known to the rest of the US and the world?

    To me it just seems like HRC death porn. Don’t get me wrong, I despise her and I suspect she is guilty of enough to warrant it but just doesn’t make enough sense.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Well Peter…the MSM was fake for forty or more years. Do you expect them to tell you? It all makes sense. DO YOUR RESEARCH. I’m guessing THE VIRUS has been a big distraction for you from the TRUTH. Your one of those that believes the inauguration WAS REAL? Cmon Peter…your way behind the TRUTH! President Trump and the military are running the country.

  12. Peter says:

    Wow Tracy, a little defensive there aren’t we?
    1. I never watch fake news, I’ve probably been a contrarian since before you were born.
    2. Your guess about the virus being a distraction for me again shows me that your discernment is way off. My question is what virus? The only virus is the fake vax.

    I have been trying to research this but all I find is a bunch of different blog sites citing the same exact story from the same original source, but nothing by way of evidence.

    Can you share the evidence that convinced you that this was real and point me to it?

    • Tracy Zona says:

      No Peter…I am NOT defensive at all. I have done four years of research. And am CONFIDENT IN MY REPORTING. Good to hear about the fake news…..yes, Biden falling down the steps of Air Force One, he’s never been on, three times, or turning over the presidency to KAMALA for a few hours for a colonoscopy (LOL)……It’s GOOD NEWS to hear very few even watch the news anymore. I’m on the same page as you regarding the virus. The virus is THE EVIL on earth. Peter…if you read my blog, as I was ahead of this time….I point out many places to start. Find a blog that interests you…..and simply fact check it. My blog is your evidence. Fact check everything I have written. I have done my homework and make no bones about it. But…I do have a question for you? What does it take for it to be REAL FOR YOU? My faith and discernment has guided all my research.

  13. Peter says:

    Tracy, I have more questions. If DJT were acting president now how can you explain the border crisis, the insane inflation rate, the shutting down of the pipeline, the rising oil prices, the supply chain problems we are having, the foreign diplomatic problems we are having? Basically FJB has undone all of the good of the Trump presidency. I think your theory seriously breaks down with these questions because DJT wouldn’t have allowed any of that to happen, all of these things are exactly the opposite of what we saw during his presidency. It makes much more sense that dementia Joe is in charge and is intentionally trying to destroy the country, which is what these guys have wanted for awhile.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      While the military is taking out the virus…..THE EVIL….All this appears to be on Biden’s clock. How convenient…too convenient. President Trump has ALWAYS SHOWN THE PEOPLE…not told the people, which is what is happening right now. The world is being SHOWN. It is waking the asleep up. While the war is being fought. PLENTY of research exists that PROVES even Biden’s inauguration was filmed in a studio. HOLLYWOOD SET. Steve Mnuchin is a HOLLYWOOD PRODUCER. While we are watching the TRUTH being exposed our military has been fighting an underground war. The best sources of information I have found is on twitter or telegram. Never believe it until you research it for yourself which I have. Besides that I have INCREDIBLE drops to my blog. Plus my faith and discernment has not failed me yet. I am hopeful you will get to the bottom of this for yourself. We all need TRUTH to change the world. My short blogs are starting points for you to conquest your own journey.

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