Pence – A Child Rapist And Murderer -Multiple Reports – SERIAL MURDERER?

February 25, 2021
February 28, 2021
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Pence – A Child Rapist And Murderer -Multiple Reports – SERIAL MURDERER?

Welcome Jalisco, Mexico to my blog!

Folks, horrid reports exist….MULTIPLE, not one!

The reports are concerning, Mike Pence, but involve others, even Elizabeth Warren.

You see, they say to reach a level of power, one, had to have sex with children, and murder/sacrifice them.

I do not know how many humans you must kill to be dubbed a serial killer, but the number being reported, Mike Pence, murdered, is at least 29 children.


A man named Tory Smith had put out several videos. He lived in Indiana, where Pence was Governor, and was once a victim.

Shortly thereafter Tory Smith died. Seems to be the case with ALL THE WHISTLEBLOWERS. (Isaac Kappy and more)

He had NUMBERS of children, each of those, in our government had murdered/sacrificed and raped.

OH! Just like the other wifeys, Karen Pence, was involved.

I did a past blog on Mike Pence’s homosexuality, so we are KEENLY AWARE, he had perfected being a FRAUD.

The reports are horrific of his true evil nature.

~ I was aware of many horror stories such as these about Pence being a serial child rapist/murderer/trafficker, and I absolutely believe it. You cannot tell me Trump has never known about this! Warrior-Whistleblower (and unfortunate Mike Pence child-Rape victim) Tory Smith died in July, 2016. He claimed the government was force-injecting him with ‘multiple strains’ of HIV and other poisons. He was also aware the Indiana police had plans to kill him, and mentions it in these gut-wrenching videos. ~

~ Four days after Max Spiers death another Super Soldier – Tory Smith – passed away on July 20th, 2016 after going public regarding Mike Pence’s involvement in Child Sex and Trafficking Rituals. ~

Lyn Wood…whom I TRUST, has verified the raping and murdering/sacrificing of children amongst these VERY EVIL PEOPLE.


~ The Senate is really pissed off at me, because in the video I just added all the details. It was a video of 836 children murdered in 11 locations and I mentioned the names of 44 Senators who participated in that, and I listed how many children they raped and then how many children they murdered. I was going through the list of senators I just pulled up all of them. I was going through and reading their dna to see how many children…. you know many were not there, and before I was introduced to this Senate I’m pretty sure there were only two women, and I think it was Elizabeth Warren and another one, maybe was Diane Feinstein I think, but that was a couple of years ago, maybe even back as far as 2012. And you know I don’t really monitor things like that because I’ve been so busy doing other things. And so what I did was… I wanted to go through, just quickly go through to give people an idea of what’s going on in the Senate, and I… which with the tablet it takes a really long time to download so I’ll just go through this really quickly….

JOHN CORNYN has raped 43 children and killed 1
TED CRUZ has raped 328 children and murdered 26
ORRIN HATCH 427 he’s raped in this lifetime. He’s killed 51 children in this lifetime.
MIKE LEE has raped 18 and killed 1
TIM KAINE has raped 26 children and killed 2
MIKE WARNER (he’s over from the east coast) he’s raped 57 children and killed 3
PATRICK J LEAHY he’s raped 176 children and killed 14 of them.
BERNIE SANDERS has raped 218 children and killed 18.
RON JOHNSON- has raped 66 children and killed 3
SHELLY MOORE CAPITO has killed 3 children
JOE MANCHIN 3RD he’s raped 117 children and killed 17
JOHN BARRASSO has raped 157 children and killed 10
MICHAEL B ENZI has raped 12 children and killed 1 of them
DANIEL SULLIVAN raped 107 children, killed 3
JEFF SESSIONS raped 76 children and killed 7
RICHARD SHELBY raped 112 children killed 13
JOHN BOOZMAN has raped 86 children and killed 3
TOM COTTON has raped 12 children and killed 2 because he’s a new comer.
JEFF FLAKE has raped 53 children and killed 2
JOHN McCAIN had raped 136 children and killed 9, he also murdered a lot of people
MICHAEL BENNET he’s raped 81, children killed 4
CORY GARDNER has raped 51 children, killed 2
MICHAEL BLUMENTHAL has raped 64 children, killed 3
CHRISTOPHER MURPHY has raped 61 children, killed 4
THOMAS R CARPER raped 17 children and killed 1, another new comer to the scene.
CHRISTOPHER A COONS raped 56 and killed 3
BILL NELSON has raped 42 and killed 3
JOHN ISAKSON has raped 76 children, killed 14
DAVID PERDUE has raped 17 and killed 1
BRIAN SCHATZ raped 76 children and killed 6
CHUCK GRASSLEY has raped 101 children and killed 14
MIKE CRAPO has raped 66 children and killed 7
JANES E RISCH has raped 74 children and killed 6 of them
RICHARD J DURBIN has raped 57 children, killed 2
MARK KIRK (Illinois)has raped 63 and murdered 7 of them
DAN COATS (Indiana) has raped 18 children and murdered 3
JOE DONNELLY has raped 16 children and killed 3
BEN E. SASSE has raped 26 children and killed 1
CORY A BOOKER has raped 67 children and killed 2
ROBERT MENENDEZ has raped 46, killed 1
MARTIN HEINDRICK was also a NAZI he has raped 73 children and murdered 4 of them
TOM UDALL has raped 26 children and killed 1
DEAN HELLER has raped 64 children, killed 3
HARRY REID he has raped 128 children in this lifetime and killed 7
CHUCK E SCHUMER he’s raped 176 children and murdered 14 of them.
SHARON BROWN raped 17 and killed 1
ROB PORTMAN has raped 77 and killed 3
JAMES M INHOFE has raped 16 and killed 1 (another newcomer)
JAMES LANKFORD has raped 56 and killed 3
JEFF MERKLEY has raped 43 and killed 2
ROBERT CASEY Jr has raped 76 children and killed 3
PATRICK J TOOMEY has raped 53 and killed 2
JACK REID has raped 84 children and killed 3
SHELDON WHITEHOUSE has raped 17 and killed 1 (another newcomer)
LINDSEY GRAHAM (South Carolina) has raped 176 children and killed 15, and he was also… well one in Atlanta recently and another one over in the miLab in Virginia, Langley
TOM SCOTT (another newcomer) has raped 3 children killed 1
MIKE ROUNDS has raped 54 children and killed 7
JOHN THUNE has raped 128 children and killed 14
LAMAR ALEXANDER he’s raped 64 children and killed 3
JOHN CORKER (another one) 156 children this man has raped and killed 17
JERRY MORAN has raped 66, killed 4
PAT ROBERTS has raped 69, killed 3
MITCH McCONNELL (Kentucky) beautiful city, but he has raped 156 children, murdered 17.
BILL CASSIDY has raped 46, killed 3
DAVID VITTER has raped 17 and killed 1
EDWARD J MARKEY has raped 66 children and killed 7
ELIZABETH WARREN has killed 7. Elizabeth Warren has killed like, Hillary Clinton, driving a stake through their heart like Tom Cruise does in Illuminati Human Sacrifices
BENJAMIN L CARDIN has raped 86 children and killed 14
JONI ERNST she’s killed 1 child. May be a man.
BARBARA BOXER (California) has killed 1 child
DIANE FEINSTEIN has murdered 17 children in human sacrifices
LISA MURKOWSKI has killed 3 in human sacrifices
ANGUST S KING Jr has raped 17, killed 1
GARY PETERS has raped 57, killed 6
DEBBIE STABENOW has murdered 3 children by stabbing them through the heart.
AL FRANKEN that has raped 16 children, killed 1
ROY BLUNT has raped 76 children, killed 13
THAD COCHRAN has raped 61 children and killed 10
ROGER WICKER it’s a 156 children this criminal has raped and killed 17
STEVE DAINES has raped 16 and killed 1
JOHN TESTER has raped 56 and killed 3
THOM TILLIS has raped 64 and killed 3
HEIDI HEITKAMP has killed 1 person
JOHN HOEVEN has raped 42 children and killed 3 ~

So there you have it! That is the EVIL HORRENDOUS REPORT.

We need answers and TRUTH!

I also have read reports that many, if not all, of these EVIL MONSTERS HAVE BEEN ARRESTED…….

We are watching a movie…waiting for many to WAKE UP!

I PRAY……but in the meantime my readers are getting impatient………….




  1. Mary Laffrey says:

    Well my Lord, this is so hard to believe Tracy, I’m not doubting you I’m just disgusted. When will the Earth open up and swallow these criminals? They keep asking on our websites are you ready? Are you ready? I am ready!! I think we are all ready for the truth to come out.
    I wish it would just come out and be done with!! Bring Trump back and get this country on the right track again. 🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭💔💔💔

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I am reporting, reports. All the dots connect, Mary. The pieces of the puzzle all connect. Strangely, Tory Smith and Isaac Kappy, whistleblowers, have been silenced with death. And it all makes sense why my ex husband, Richard Zona Jr., his criminal friends, his pedophile religious pervert companions, and the EVIL GANG OF JOHN PAUL DEJORIA tried to silence me, and STOP ME! It was a four year active rabbit hole/journey my blog took me on. And here we are. It is such EVIL!

  2. Linda says:

    Mike Lee and Rand Paul have NEVER been involved in ANYTHING having to do with these horrendous crimes. Both of these men are completely above board and would never think of these evil, evil things. I’m sure they are aware of something going on-you cannot be involved in government and not understand that there’s massive corruption. But there is NO WAY that these two men would ever do this. If Mike Lee, who REALLY IS an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, were to be involved in anything like this, the leaders of this Church would excommunicate him faster than you could even blink and it would be published ALL OVER UTAH.

  3. Jo says:

    I hope President Trump knows all these are guilty. I’ve seen Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Ron Johnson, and Tom Cotton on Fox recently. I’m not saying it isn’t true, but it’s so disappointing because I’ve seen them on Fox News as if they’re out helping to make things better. Also, so many other names that just lets the air out of my sail making me wonder if Donald Trump ran for President because he knew this and that’s what he meant by draining the swamp. Did all the news of Mike Pence take him by surprise, or did he know and just allowed all this corrupt mess to take place so these evil people would expose themselves? I’m so sorry you had to go through what you did. Thank you for getting the truth out. I just hope and pray it’s out for the one’s that have the means to stop it!

    • Tracy Zona says:

      From my research, much of what you are seeing is computer generated, hologram, or doubles. They say, “Many you think are alive, are dead, and many you think are dead, are alive.” Part of the movie, to WAKE UP THOSE THAT ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION. This was a PLAN…I doubt Mike Pence’s history of trafficking, was a surprise. President Trump JUST kept his enemies close….until they were taken out. And also so “HE COULD SHOW US, INSTEAD OF TELL US AND DRAIN THAT SWAMP.” If you notice, these EVIL, people, get rather spotlighted…..and then they disappear. Thank you for your kind words….it’s been a CRAZY journey, but definitely not one, I could turn my back on. In fact, I was compelled. Hang in there…..Everyday something GOOD happens. If you look for it…..:)

  4. Matt says:

    Is there any proof of this other than a random guy saying so on a video? To make accusations as serious as these I sure hope that rock solid evidence is backing it up. I don’t doubt that sick evil acts are being committed by politicians, celebrities and every day people but more than hearsay is needed to pass this stuff off as fact. So again I ask, is there proof?

    • Tracy Zona says:

      More information exists THAN A VIDEO…..I have DONE MY RESEARCH. I suggest YOU START WHERE I LEFT OFF. AND OR FACT CHECK ME! And when you find out, what I have….THEN SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! THANK YOU!

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