Everywhere You Look – The Clintons and Pedophiles! Moody (YES) and Mark Cuban?

Liz Cheney? About Your Family? Was Your Dad a Pedophile, Murderer?
February 9, 2021
February 12, 2021
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Everywhere You Look – The Clintons and Pedophiles! Moody (YES) and Mark Cuban?

Everywhere you LOOK the CLINTON’S surrounded themselves with pedophiles…..

~ According to the testimony of a federal agent, Harold “H.L.” Moody, a former Democratic Party chairman, streamed live videos of children being raped, distributed child pornography to other pedophiles, and regularly smoked methamphetamine out of a glass pipe while seated at his desk during work hours.

Our tax dollars at work, folks.

Jason Bennett, a special agent for Homeland Security Investigations, said an undercover agent took “screen shots” of Moody sitting at his desk and chatting with pedophiles in a secret chatroom online on “more than one occasion” between Aug. 29 and Oct. 12.

Bennett described Moody as a “high-volume user” who logged in and out of a chat room solely devoted to child pornography several times a day, including 26 times in a two-day span. He was also a host of the private chat room, which Bennett explains indicates that Moody did something to receive such recognition.

Moody, 39, was was arrested on Nov. 5 and fired from his job shortly thereafter. Agents searched and seized information from his Little Rock, Arkansas apartment and found two grams of methamphetamine and pornographic images of children and infants being raped. They also found a half-gram of the drug in his office desk drawer.

Moody was a political consultant hired by the county after acting as the communications director for the Democratic Party of Arkansas for a year and a half. Before that, he was the chairman of the Democratic Party in Pulaski County for two years.

Arkansas Online reports: Bennett’s testimony helped convince a federal judge to order Moody to remain in federal custody until his trial on two counts of receipt of child pornography, three counts of distribution of child pornography and a single count of conspiring to advertise child pornography.

Chris Tarver, Moody’s attorney from the federal public defender’s office, tried to have him released on bail pending trial and possibly be released and committed to an in-patient drug-treatment facility.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe Volpe considered it, but rejected the proposal after Assistant U.S. Attorney Kristin Bryant’s argument that Moody “poses a risk of flight and could be a danger to the community.”

Bryant explained that the agents were only able to find 15 images of child pornography on one of Moody’s devices because his other devices were password-protected. She said, “we don’t know if he’s a producer of child pornography,” and, “I don’t think we know how much of a danger to the community he is.”

Bryant described the type of photographs and videos Moody allegedly distributed—images of infants and young children being raped. She pointed to the agent’s testimony that “Moody was initially observed viewing the images, then distributing them and eventually even hosting sessions in which people in a secure chatroom stream live videos of infants being raped.”

Tarver argues that Moody’s real problem is drug addiction. His partner, Gabriel Womack, said he broke off their engagement when he found methamphetamine in their apartment. Moody admitted to being an addict, has tried to stop, but can’t. Tarver argues that, “This is a drug issue.” ~

This ARREST happened in 2018…….BUT, REMEMBER, a faction of ARKANSAS came AFTER ME, around this time!

ARKANSAS WANTED ME SILENCED AND MY BLOG DOWN! Along with my abusive ex Richard Zona Jr., and the John Paul DeJoria Gang.


Screamers, like Bruce Springsteen, arrested, supposedly for a DWI, and Billionaire Mark Cuban are making the news!

As I have STATED before, many of our billionaires ARE FRAUDS…..connected to money laundering, sex trafficking, and a VAST CRIMINAL WORLDWIDE NETWORK………..FAKE BIOS….

How about the former bartender billionaire MARK CUBAN? HE HAS AN OPINION ABOUT EVERYTHING!
~ Mark Cuban Allegedly Fathered Child With Underage Filipino Girl ~

~ Billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was investigated for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman nearly seven years ago, according to a police report that was made public this week. ~

~ But Cuban’s would-be political career could be derailed before it even gets started by sexual harassment and misconduct allegations within his team. The allegations range from a history of sexually suggestive remarks by a former team executive, to another employee being accused of domestic assault. ~

The pattern SURE EXISTS….How did a former bartender become SO RICH?

Mark Cuban, certainly, has worked up quite a history of abuse and harassment………






  1. Mary Laffrey says:

    Wow Cuban is a huge arrest. That is fantastic he was on, I don’t remember if it was before the election, I would think I was probably watching Fox before the election, not after, but he was interviewed all the time about his political views about Trump and about Biden and everybody hung on to every word. This man said about you know who should vote for who and and he would sit there and you know give his opinions and I didn’t like him but this is fantastic news thanks for sharing Tracy let’s bring them all down.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I have no research on an arrest for Mark Cuban……although I see a pattern. As usual a FRAUD BILLIONAIRE, abuse, harassment, and sex with underage girls,
      alleged patterns. He may be arrested, however, he SURE HAS BEEN EXPOSED AS JUST ANOTHER ONE! Your right his arrogance was obnoxious! But then again, no one could be more OBNOXIOUS AND SCUMMY than JOHN PAUL DEJORIA and his gang.

  2. Vyom SM says:

    Look at those evil faces

  3. Cathy Boden says:

    I’m speechless. Why aren’t conservative news media screaming this information loudly??? I discovered you through a friend on Facebook. I’m so glad I did. My prayers for you. Keep shouting!! I will shout with you!!!

    • Tracy Zona says:

      All owned. Silenced, which they tried to do to me. Or afraid. Complicit. Thank you for visiting my blog! The people need to know and have as much information as possible. SHOUT!:)

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