Not Much To Look at And Evil Gina Haspel! Resigns or ARRESTED? CIA

“May it All Be Exposed” THE TRUTH…….Sending PURE LOVE, RIGHT NOW!
January 18, 2021
How It Felt? John F. Kennedy………………. INJUSTICE.
January 21, 2021
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Not Much To Look at And Evil Gina Haspel! Resigns or ARRESTED? CIA

Well I was all set to take a few days off, reflect, and wait and see what surprises THE WORLD OF GOOD brings us….:)

That’s a positive!

And I came across NOT MUCH TO LOOK AT AND EVIL, GINA HASPEL, CIA, “resigns”…….

~ CIA Director Gina Haspel Announces Resignation ~

And I got to thinking about all the PURE EVIL women I have met on my journey through EVIL and HELL.

Bonnie Zeldin Rosen, Judy Blossom, Judge Kira Klatchko, and Barbara Zona, and one more, presently gagged, were as far deep into EVIL women than I have ever wanted to go……

Flying monkeys for my abusive ex Richard Zona Jr., they were!

So, from horrific experience, some women are BORN OR TRAINED TO BE EVIL…………

See…my sources say Gina Haspel/CIA was ARRESTED in GERMANY for her part in the fraudulant STOLEN election.


Suffice to say….it looks like Gina Haspel is GONE.

And after very little research I conclude that is WONDERFUL FOR THE WORLD!

This was posted today on twitter……and then it disappeared! Censoring AGAIN! THE TRUTH!

~ Edward Snowden
Note: Gina Haspel participated in a torture program that involved beating an (innocent) pregnant woman’s stomach, anally raping a man with meals he tried to refuse, and freezing a shackled prisoner until he died. She personally wrote the order to destroy 92 tapes of CIA torture.… ~

You know the OLD SAYING “keep your enemies closer.” It appears that is EXACTLY what our President Donald J Trump did……all they had to do was WAIT AND WATCH EVIL……..damn SMART!


Anyway many of our women leaders are EVIL BEYOND EVIL and commit the same horrific acts of EVIL AS THE MEN!

Don’t kid yourself there is a motherly type in there somewhere………

In fact……have you ever heard of the MOTHERS OF DARKNESS?

It’s deep, deep, deep into the rabbit hole of EVIL…….

You need to make a decision if it is EVIL you want to be aware of or not?

NO REST FOR THE WEARY!!! But that is o.k.:)


  1. Vyom SM says:

    She surely resigned!

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