Raphel Warnock – Abuses Women and Children – VOTED IN!

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January 7, 2021
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January 8, 2021
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Raphel Warnock – Abuses Women and Children – VOTED IN!



More than likely, ANOTHER FRAUD ELECTION, but an abuser of humanity none the less..

When I heard his abused wife’s tale, I relived mine…………

I’ll betcha Raphael Warnock and my ex Richard Zona Jr., would be FAST FRIENDS……….

~ Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock’s ex-wife told Atlanta police officers that her husband was a “great actor” after he denied her claims that he ran over her foot with his car, according to body cam footage of the March 2020 incident that aired late Tuesday on Fox News.

Warnock, the senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church, and Ouleye were amid divorce negotiations when the incident occurred and finalized their split about two months later. Ouleye Warnock has declined to be interviewed about the incident and court records indicate the divorce case has been sealed.“I’ve tried to keep the way that he acts under wraps for a long time and today he crossed the line,” she said. “So that is what is going on here. And he’s a great actor. He is phenomenal at putting on a really good show.” ~

Hmmmm…. Richard Zona Jr. nearly ran me over on Mothers Day, with our two children looking on……

Both men “MEN OF GOD.” LOL……………

And if that is not enough Raphael Warnock has a history of abusive behavior towards children.

~ ATLANTA – Today, bombshell evidence has definitively proven that child abuse was occurring under Raphael Warnock’s purview at Camp Farthest Out in the early 2000s. In a shocking, on-the-record statement, one of the campers confirms the extent of the abuse he suffered while attending Warnock’s camp, revealing what Warnock worked so hard to cover up. As reported by the Washington Free Beacon:

“Among the indignities 12-year-old Anthony Washington endured at the church camp overseen by Reverend Raphael Warnock: counselors who tossed urine on him and locked him outside his cabin overnight…

This breaking news comes on the heels of other major revelations about this incident. Recently uncovered documents revealed that Camp Farthest Out was shut down in 2003 just a year after Warnock’s arrest after numerous safety-code violations. That same year, the civil suit mentioned above also emerged against Warnock, the camp and other individuals, one of whom – an apparent camp staffer – was arrested for assault just three weeks after Warnock’s arrest.

To this day, Warnock has refused to answer any questions about what happened during his years supervising Camp Farthest Out – even when asked directly. Now we know why, and Raphael Warnock owes the people of Georgia a full explanation. ~


We took a step BACK……:(

THIS TYPE OF BAD MAN, just like my ex Richard Zona Jr., just moves on and on and on.

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