ANOTHER John Paul DeJoria/Jonathan Kendrick ROKIT Deal Turns To Shit! (Williams F1)

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September 5, 2020
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September 8, 2020
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ANOTHER John Paul DeJoria/Jonathan Kendrick ROKIT Deal Turns To Shit! (Williams F1)

George Russell (GBR) Williams Racing FW43. 70th Anniversary Grand Prix, Sunday 9th August 2020. Silverstone, England.

They all do!

AS verified throughout my blog most deals with John Paul DeJoria/Jonathan Kendrick turn to S H I T! (SCAMS), (FRAUDS)

And so did the deal with Williams F1 Racing.

Most deals with the DEVIL/ROKIT end this way, with the demise of Williams F1 and the claims ROKIT owes MONEY to Williams.

Can’t say I didn’t write about it………………..or anticipate it.


~ Analysing Williams future, the official F1 website states that “figures show the telecommunications company (ROKIT) owe Williams a significant amount – around £10m – for the period up until the end of 2019”, adding that “it is likely that when the 2020 results are revealed, papers will show there is also an additional amount outstanding for the period covering this year so far”.

“That’s a big hole,” adds the official F1 website, in a masterpiece of understatement, and quite possibly one of the final nails in the team’s coffin.~


~From sources Williams is considering taking legal action against ROKIT~

OH boy, another DEAL GONE BAD with Jonathan Kendrick and John Paul DeJoria who is NOW NOT ONLY UGLY, BUT PUFFY FACED….

That’s right, the DEVIL, John Paul DeJoria, IS PUFFY FACED and looks like TERRIBLE CRAP!

But as usual, make a deal with John Paul DeJoria/Jonathan Kendrick/ROKIT and you either turn up DEAD OR DONE!

Happy Sunday Everyone! Love, kindness, and what the world needs, COMPASSION, and someone to care, from me to you!


  1. Vyom SM says:

    Happy Sunday! Love to you as well.

  2. Lady Ace says:

    Weird, my Mom got screwed out of a deal
    By ROKIT too 🤔

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Oh, ALL INVOLVED WITH ROKIT ARE SCUMBAGS OF THE LOWEST LEVEL……John Paul DeJoria and his “GANG” are low level thieves and cons, who also harass, terrorize, and threaten women. I am very sorry your mother was a victim.

  3. StkcpW says:

    Only JP profits… Jonathan Kendrick is just one of his scum that willingly screws people… only in the gold old USA can a billionaire owe so many hardworking people…. think of all the people on the Williams team… just terrible

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