The Monkey Puppets Popped Out – Told What To Do? – #ALLLIVESMATTER – eloise Dejoria, Jamie Foxx, Justin Timberlake and more.

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May 31, 2020
June 3, 2020
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The Monkey Puppets Popped Out – Told What To Do? – #ALLLIVESMATTER – eloise Dejoria, Jamie Foxx, Justin Timberlake and more.

Yesterday was rough in America. We were just getting past COVID and wham……we were hit with another crisis.

I mean come on……One POP after another, it replicates leaving abuse from my ex Richard Zona Jr. Your leaving EVIL and ABUSE and you keep getting popped, popped, and popped, by the abusers and the FLYING MONKEYS EVERYWHERE.

Ya know the last THIRTY OR MORE YEARS HAS BEEN ABOUT FRAUDS AND FAKES. Frauds and FAKES around me, FRAUDS and FAKES in our government, and FRAUDS and FAKES in the movies.

Actors often die in movies……….it tugs good people, who have hearts, their heart strings……..

Well remember not very long ago Actor Jussie Smollet, said two white men, in RED HATS assaulted him.

That turned out NOT TO BE TRUE, not true at all.

In fact Jussie Smollet the FRAUD has now been caught. And it was strangely connected to Chicago Corruption and even Michelle Obama. (Previous blog)

The FRAUDS and FAKES use our goodness, like an abuser, to assault us.

But here we go again…..The Monkey Puppets came out in droves, ACTORS, to speak out against the latest unfortunate death of George Floyd.

The film of it was strangely near perfect, a horrible brutal death of a African American man, George Floyd, at the hands of a white policeman looking at the camera. Why didn’t the camera person put down the camera and dial the Sheriff? Call 911? And then the ambulance came, and policeman, not paramedics, put George Floyd in the ambulance. And then we received the TRAGIC news he died.

Later many reports, not on the mainstream news, came out. George Floyd and the policeman worked at the same bar! Autopsy reports said he had Fentanyl in his system, and other reports said the second policeman is married to the KILLER policeman’s sister? And then George Floyd’s family, quickly, put up a fund me page and quite frankly, brought in millions.

And then bricks were placed on streets, for the looters and so say protesters, to hurl and destroy, in apparently pre-planned protests.


Owned by Warren Buffet/Franklin Scandal and Bill Gates.

I am going to wait until the FBI fully investigates and I wish no human being EVER to lose their life to another.

But after Jussie Smollet, I have learned my lesson.

The STARS and CELEBS were there so FAST! WOW! SO FAST! Like lightening………………..

Jamie Foxx (sold his soul to Oprah Winfrey),…. it is almost as if the PUPPETS ON THE STRING were sent to act out the narrative.

And of course eloise Dejoria had to instagram #BLACKLIVESMATTER as quick as the stars came to promote the sad circumstances. (eloise DeJoria the puppet machine with Steven Tyler from Epstein Island)

And while I have many questions to be convinced, and you should too, after Jussie Smollet……… I find #BLACKLIVESMATTER to be devisive for our beautiful, loving world.


I love and care for EVERYONE, all people……..EVERYWHERE!

How can eloise DeJoria/the DoGooder (LOL) care so much about George Floyd and #blacklivesmatter, but not the CHILDREN HER PAL STEVEN TYLER WENT TO EPSTEIN ISLAND TO ABUSE?

I think THEY ARE ALL PUPPETS ON A STRING. ALL OF THEM. Told what to do for their riches.

BUT SINCE I AM NOT, NO ONE OWNS ME, I am going to wait for the investigation.

In the meantime, leaving old eloise DeJoria, GRANNY, PUPPET, LOOKAWAY WOMAN, in the DUST.



Let’s try THAT OUT for the “NEW NORMAL”


  1. Vyom SM says:

    I am late here but here we go

  2. Vyom SM says:

    Where did you find that bricks were placed? Do you have a confirmed source?

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