Jorge Mario Bergolio – No Longer the Vicar of Christ – Now CRAZY EYES! PSYCHOPATH BROTHERHOOD

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April 5, 2020 (Jr.) – Barbara LoRusso Zona (Momma)
April 6, 2020
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Jorge Mario Bergolio – No Longer the Vicar of Christ – Now CRAZY EYES! PSYCHOPATH BROTHERHOOD

The world should be much more careful about putting psychopaths into power!

Yes, it is true, Jorge Mario Bergolio, is the Pope’s real name, and he has now removed the title Vicar of Christ, as if he ever EARNED that title. NOPE.

As in DON’T SUBSCRIBE to Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey….DON’T SUBSCRIBE TO Jorge Mario Bergolio.

Just like Bill Gates (Mr. Depopulation) and Oprah Winfrey (I love my John of God), JORGE has done NOTHING to answer questions or help any of the children victims within the Catholic Church.

Did you know Jorge Mario Bergoglio is WANTED for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY…….

The title of another WORLD FRAUD is now removed, but that is hardly ENOUGH FOR THIS SLIMEBALL.

Can we remove MONSIGNOR JOHN URELL’S title too! You know, the pedophile moving priest in Southern California.

Yes, the MAN that had an unnatural relationship, in the rectory, many nights a week, with a married man!

My abusive ex husband Richard Zona Jr.

I say…let’s remove all their titles and begin again. Lock them up or hang them for CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN.


Trust me it exists. I survived it!!! (Richard Zona Jr. and his criminal affiliates)

Now we have an even more powerful case of PSYCHOPATH BROTHERHOOD!



  1. Vyom SM says:

    I must say every time I come here, I brace myself and eventually end up being shocked by the amount of evil still hidden. Great blog Tracy!

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Thank you very much. Again, I never anticipated to discover world wide connected EVIL. I was out to tell my truth as a last ditch effort to save my family. And to let others know they are not alone. I had one woman tell me the other day “she felt so alone.” As I did in my battle. Yet again, my abuse story became a grain of sand…..unfortunately. As horrible as my abuse felt at the hands of a psychopath, the horror is worse than can be imagined. I am hearing child abuse victims are being rescued out of underground tunnels. (Earthquakes, and military trained in underground warfare) I have no way to confirm that…..but the stories are on my radar. Brace yourself, as just like when you leave abuse, it gets worse before it gets better! BUT IT ALWAYS GETS BETTER. Sending love and care during this trying time. XOXO

      • Vyom SM says:

        I don’t know much about the tunnel thing but I hope so. Because when I try to think, Trump(rep) would be up against Biden(dem) and if Trump really wanted to win the election, he could have gone the easy way by making everything public(my opinion) but instead he was caught in the Ukraine scandal. In my head everything is just messed up right now, if action is being taken, why not go public rather going to suspecting ways? Or is it just another illusion? I think we are missing some things. I just don’t know what.

        • Tracy Zona says:

          I think that since military is involved that they keep the plans secret until it is carried through successfully. Hopefully we will all know the TRUTH sooner than later.

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