The DeJoria Cookie Crumbles – Alexis DeJoria/ROKIT and Jesse James Divorcing!

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March 25, 2020
March 27, 2020
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The DeJoria Cookie Crumbles – Alexis DeJoria/ROKIT and Jesse James Divorcing!

I could see the icing on that FAKE WEDDING CAKE!

The money spent on her wedding was GROTESQUE.

Did daddy, John Paul DeJoria, BUY her a GROOM?

In fact I just wrote a blog about Alexis DeJoria being an AWFUL ROLE MODEL. And the fact she owns an 11.65 million dollar home in Rhode Island, on a feable NHRA salary. (The average salary being $44,922.00 per year)

Shouldn’t she only be able to afford an $1000.00 a month apartment? Maybe?

But we have all seen how as of late, some daddies, money launder through there VERY OWN CHILDREN! Some run their CRIMINAL MONEY through their kids!!!!? Hmmm……..?

But anyway ONE GOSSIP SITE says Jesse James married her ONLY FOR THE MONEY.

In other words, JESSE JAMES WAS NEVER INTO ALEXIS DEJORIA! Not even for a minute………..

~ There was only one real reason he married her. MONEY!!! Right after he met her, he said he would be a f*cking moron if he didn’t lock that down immediately. He proposed to her three weeks after they met. Yeah, you read that right. Three WEEKS.

When Daddy is a billionaire, time is of the essence.

She said yes. Was she starstruck? Did she not know his history? We don’t know.

Anyway, they had a big, expensive wedding and probably got big, expensive matching tattoos. No children.

He said she was nice but homey looking. I think he meant “homely.”

Her bank account made her beautiful.~

I wonder why HE LEFT HER NOW?

Did touching her just become UNBEARABLE?


Or is there something ELSE GOING ON?

Whatever, the reason Jesse James wants the HELL out……………he should be careful.

After several women have been THREATENED, HARASSED, TERRORIZED, LEGALLY ABUSED, and CORRUPTLY ABUSED, by John Paul DeJoria’s criminal affiliates,(myself and Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions)…. that is my advice!

And Alexis DeJoria can INK UP, and possibly get a DIVORCED TATTOO! (Maybe ACROSS HER FOREHEAD:)


  1. Vyom SM says:

    We can only speculate to what has happen right now!

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Alexis DeJoria, QUEEN OF DADDY DEALS, said YES to a marriage proposal just three weeks into the relationship. As my blog stated “A ROLL MODEL SHE IS NOT.”

  2. Tiffany Woolley says:

    That writing was always on the wall!!! Jesse James better watch out… because John Paul DeJoria will lie and claims what he gives to the environment makes him a “good person”.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Tiffany…..If John Paul DeJoria’s lips move he lies. His LIFE STORY is a lie. You know…Jesse James married for nefarious reasons he flat out stated his wife was UGLY (Alexis DeJoria) but he would have to be CRAZY NOT to marry THAT MONEY.

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