Bill Gates? He’s Weird? Now This Is Truly Weird? Palm Springs…….

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March 21, 2020
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March 25, 2020
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Bill Gates? He’s Weird? Now This Is Truly Weird? Palm Springs…….

UPDATE: CREEPY BILL GATES WAS JUST ON THE FAKE NEWS! It’s common sense folks…..why would you take MEDICAL ADVICE, OR WORSE YET, A VACCINE, FROM A PSYCHO THAT WANTS TO DEPOPULATE THE WORLD? And, one whom hangs with JEFFREY EPSTEIN. #NEVERFORGET. (Sort of like drinking the kool-aid in Jonestown/massacre)

Ya know, this is my blog/diary about my own abuse true story and world wide abuse that has taken me on a wild world wide journey!!!

So….. something happened to me Friday, AGAIN!

Remember I wrote a previous blog with questions about Bill Gates? Why was he affiliated with Jeffrey Epstein? Why were Bill and Melinda Gates entertained by Jeffrey Epstein in Paris? Why did he hire a butler arrested with 6000 child rape and murder images? Was Bill Gates kicked out of India with his CREEPY VACCINES? Why did Bill Gates feel entitled to depopulate the world? (That is not his call) Somehow, he seems very mixed up in this current VIRUS?


I was in Palm Springs Friday, socially distancing myself, as required because of the virus, from my good friend, a GOLF PRO….. her location was not far from mine. A thunderous sound came over and my friend texted to me “TWO GIANT MILITARY HELICOPTERS!”. I ran outside to get a look. The helicopters were gone in a FLASH!

It bothered me all weekend. Why? Who? What was going on? And I started thinking Palm Springs is the “Playground of the Presidents” whom has homes here? Well….. Barrack Obama has stayed here often? President Trump was here recently. And OH YES? Bill Gates has a home in this beautiful valley, as well.

Again it bothered me all weekend? The worlds STATE OF AFFAIRS leaving me uneasy.

For some unknown reason I searched on twitter Bill Gates/Palm Springs. Look what I came up with!!!! Hmmmmm……?

Forced landing? Asset secured? Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay Prison?)? Military intelligence? I am not sure about any of it?



  1. Vyom SM says:

    Wow that’s BIG, but the question is what was he doing there? hmmm

    • Tracy Zona says:

      It certainly would be BIG if I was correctly on to something! I know the military helicopters were over MY HEAD…so it sure coincides with the twitter postings….I would not be surprised as anytime you have involvement with a man like Jeffrey Epstein… can not be a good person. I’m sure BILL GATES has many skeletons in his closet. Plus, everything he does concerning medical/health/vaccines just seems nefarious. I’ve been reading he is kind of mixed up in the current VIRUS…. I’m sure someday we will know for sure.

  2. VicBC says:

    Gates is linked to Epstein, Epstein lived in Palm Springs, no?

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Hi Vic from British Columbia! I do not have ANY information on Jeffrey Epstein living in Palm Springs. Ever. It was Bill Gates whom supposedly has a home in the Vintage Club in the area. Not Epstein. But I do know from already printed media that the two were to have hung out more than once. From what I gather Bill Gates even flew on Epstein’s plane to THAT NEFARIOUS ISLAND. Is your email truly, [email protected]?

  3. Big Al says:

    Bill Gates needs to go away. And not come back.

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