Another Hollywood Rapist? Timothy Hutton

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March 3, 2020
March 6, 2020
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Another Hollywood Rapist? Timothy Hutton

Hollywood seems to be filled with rape and horrific abuse. From Disney pedophiles arrested to the MONSTER (he is NOT in prison yet) Harvey (Whine-stein) Weinstein.

I am not surprised victims whom have been harboring the most intrusive of secrets are coming forward with their TRUTHS many years after the fact.

I expect many more TRUTHS to be told about anyone that treated another human being horrifically.

The outpouring of abuse needs told to make way for a kinder, more loving, caring world.

The FACES OF RAPIST and ABUSERS and all those complicit with the act….are now becoming exposed.

Too BAD Judge Kira Klatchko MY “BLOG IS NOT DOWN.”

Are we finally free?? I have BIG TIME hope we are certainly on our way!!

But back to Timothy Hutton NOW BEING ACCUSED OF RAPING A YOUNG GIRL……………

Have you heard any rapist abuser say “YES, I DID IT.”

Have you ever heard an abuser say “YES, I DID IT.”

They don’t people, EVER! Instead they say they do not remember, it was consensual, it was the victim’s fault, or it NEVER HAPPENED.

I believe the latest victim’s, Sera Johnston’s, story for several reasons. SHE WAS 14 AT THE TIME OF THE RAPE.

The trio of junior high girls had only been chatting with Timothy Hutton for a little while when he suggested they join him and his friends at his hotel. It was 1983 in Vancouver, and for Sera Johnston, 14 years old and already a working actor, it was a dream, a chance to hang out with her Oscar-winning idol, who was in town to shoot the movie Iceman. As for what guys in their twenties might want out of girls her age, she didn’t give it much thought.

“It was like we were entertaining them — cute. We were funny, you know what I mean?” Johnston told BuzzFeed News.

But when they got to Hutton’s room, she said, the situation didn’t seem so innocent anymore. Johnston recalled Hutton and his friends offering the girls drinks. She nervously took a seat near the television.

Hutton sat down next to her.

“He was getting very close to me, like, you know, really kind of sidling up to me, and petting my legs and stuff,” she said. “I was just, like: I think this is going to be bad. I was really wrong about this.”

Johnston doesn’t remember how she was led to Hutton’s bedroom, but said he asked whether she had ever had sex. Another man, Hutton’s friend, came into the room.

Johnston said she told them things like “I don’t think this is a good idea” and “I don’t think my mother would be too happy about this.” She said she wanted to leave. “To everything I would say, it was, ‘It’ll be OK, it’ll be OK. It won’t last long, and you’ll be fine.’” Hutton was kissing her neck, Johnston said. She felt frozen in fear.

Johnston, who late last year filed a criminal complaint against Hutton with the Vancouver Police Department, remembers the two men talking her through what they were going to do to her in an “almost ritualistic” way as they undressed her “like a doll.”

She compared the process to being prepped for surgery. “I just lay there very rigid,” she said. “I remember being really cold.”

“Please, don’t do this. I can’t do it. I can’t.”
Hutton took off his clothes, got on top of her, Johnston said, and thrust himself inside her. She started to beg: “Please, don’t do this. I can’t do it. I can’t.” Johnston said Hutton told her that she would like it — and that his friend was going to watch.

“It hurt like hell,” Johnston said. “I mean, it was very painful. God. Yeah, it was extremely painful. Horrible, horrible, absolutely horrible.” At one point, she said, Hutton went to get Vaseline as a lubricant.

She said Hutton’s friend, who was standing next to the bed, put his erect penis into her mouth.

“He got it in a couple of times,” Johnston said. “And I said, ‘You have to tell him that he can’t!’” Her mouth was full of train-track braces and rubber bands, she said. She started to cry.

Johnston said Hutton told his friend, “‘She doesn’t like that,’ or whatever. Meanwhile, he finished raping me.”

Hutton “completely and unequivocally denies” Johnston’s allegations. In a statement, his lawyer said the actor, whose series Almost Family concluded its first season on Fox in February, has never met Johnston at all and “will not spend one more minute dignifying these allegations as they are patently false and designed only to extort money from him.” As for her story, he says she has “provided salacious, heinous, and graphic details of this made-up sexual encounter that supposedly occurred 36 years ago. Although these were disgusting details any smut fiction writer could conjure up,” there is no evidence to support them. Hutton’s attorney further said Johnston’s story is “fabricated” and contains “patently false, scurrilous, and defamatory statements.”

To counter her claims, Hutton has enlisted two law firms and three spokespeople.

The substance of their argument: Johnston is a liar who’s trying to shake Hutton down.

As proof, they cite the fact that she didn’t raise the issue until 2017, 34 years after she claims the incident took place — and when she did raise it, she hired a lawyer to pursue a financial settlement rather than going to the police. They point to the fact that she has no eyewitness to the alleged assault itself. Most damning of all, they said, is the fact that last March, an ex-boyfriend of hers reached out to the man she said assaulted her alongside Hutton and offered to personally broker some sort of deal.

Johnston agreed that her friend’s actions look bad. “It put me in a very difficult situation,” she said.

But as for seeking a financial settlement, Johnston points out that Hutton did in fact agree to a payment, albeit for $135,000 — far less than the $1.5 million her lawyer proposed.

After signing the initial documents, however, she walked away from the deal. She said she couldn’t stomach the terms of the agreement, which includes Hutton’s denial that anything happened at all.e4r

Johnston, who is now 50 and goes by the name Lauren, said that what happened that night at the Denman Place Inn in downtown Vancouver “has colored every area of my life.”

Still carrying herself with the erect poise of the dancer she once was, Johnston is striking, with long, very dark hair and powdered alabaster skin. Talking about her experience at the hotel, she was clear and direct, occasionally sipping a Coke to stave off a migraine.

She knows people will judge her for her decisions. And with so many stories in the media about celebrities and sexual assault, she worries that hers may not be dramatic enough to make strangers care.

“As weird as this sounds,” the former child actor said, “you feel like you have to audition your rape: Do you like this?”

In a separate interview, one of the two friends whom Johnston said she was with that night broke down in tears as she shared her recollection. Decades had passed since the two were last in touch, but when first asked about Johnston, she replied, “Would this have to do with the actor from Iceman?”

The woman asked that BuzzFeed News refer to her only by her initials, C.B., to spare her the angry reprisals that women have experienced after accusing prominent men of assault. But she used her full name to sign an affidavit attesting to her recollections under penalty of perjury.

She corroborated Johnston’s account of the three girls hanging out together, then eventually hopping on a bus to go to Hutton’s hotel room.

The two women’s recollections differ in some details — whether there was music playing, whether the room was divided with full or partial walls — but C.B. said she saw Johnston go off with Hutton and another man for what C.B. thought at the time was voluntary sex.

She said she did not see what happened next, but Johnston “sounded like she was in pain, and she sounded like she was maybe being muffled by somebody.” C.B. didn’t make the connection that anything might be wrong — she was busy, she said, fending off another member of Hutton’s entourage. “I was really uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do.”

The two girls lost track of each other after that night, but C.B. has thought back on it often, especially once her own daughter entered her teens. Informed now that Johnston said she had been raped, C.B. sifted through her memories, and began to cry. She asked to have a message passed on to Johnston.

“Just tell her I’m really sorry that I didn’t stop it.”

As for the third girl in the trio, Johnston reached out to her in 2018, asking if she could count on the woman’s support to corroborate her story. The friend’s reply was polite but firm. “I currently have things going on in my own life that are more pressing and needing my full mental and emotional space and I do not have the capacity to help you,” she wrote in an email reviewed by BuzzFeed News. She did not respond to multiple emails and a written letter seeking comment for this article.

Johnston said she didn’t come forward sooner because, until the #MeToo movement exploded more than two years ago, she assumed no one would take her word over that of a powerful, respected celebrity.

Throughout the years, however, she did tell several people in her life.

BuzzFeed News spoke with five of them: a friend she told only a few days after the night in question, Johnston’s mother, and three more friends. They all, separately, confirmed that she told them Timothy Hutton had raped her in his hotel room. And when Johnston initiated legal action, her ex-stepfather gave a statement that many years prior, he too had heard Johnston’s account of the events in the hotel room.

In October, a representative of Hutton’s, who stipulated that they could not be identified by name or directly quoted, met with BuzzFeed News to deliver what they said was important information about Johnston. The representative wrapped up the conversation with a question: What good does it do the public to publish a story about something from 36 years ago?

Now as once a victim, now a survivor…..I believe her. I told NO ONE for years my ex abusive husband, Richard Zona Jr. forced sex on me daily……..the fact she waited 36 years tells me she waited until she felt safe.

Others have confirmed her story, everyone but the purported rapist, Timothy Hutton.

She said it affected her whole life…..rape and abuse changes one forever.

And I also believe her….. as I have been a victim (NOW A SURVIVOR) of multiple men coming at me when I decided to begin to share the TRUTH, multiple evil men, that EVIL men form partnerships.

How many more Hollywood RAPISTS AND ABUSERS TRUTHS will we hear?


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