Langley Township B.C. – Hell’s Angels – John Paul DeJoria

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March 2, 2020
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Langley Township B.C. – Hell’s Angels – John Paul DeJoria

I had a wonderful weekend!! I hope the rest of the world danced, and laughed, as much as I did.

Over the weekend I received an alert someone in Langley Township was reading pages and pages of my blog.

Normally new readers make me very happy. But I have been informed in the past that Langley Township has a high percentage of Hell’s Angels.

I have ZERO beef with the Hell’s Angels. Zero. But their connection to John Paul DeJoria is a grave concern.

Truthfully his GREED and potential for serious EVIL WILL BRING DOWN anyone near him. I hear he USES the Hells Angels to guard his multiple homes. (Anonymous source)

Well it already has!!! Several criminal affiliates are in prison. And many that have worked by his side are DEAD, mysteriously, or on their way to jail.

He’s a GREEDY EVIL mother f**cker and once he has used you UP…….then something very bad happens to you. It has been the pattern for years along with very questionable stock frauds and very questionable affiliates involved.

And besides all that TWO that I am aware of, myself and Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions, were undeserving women that were abused, harassed, threatened, blog hacked, terrorized, and corruptly legally abused.

Langley Township on my blog!!! Well I have been threatened. Michael Jones/Rok 3d, working with John Paul Dejoria and FAT English fraud Jonathan Kendrick in ROKIT, threatened and harassed me for nearly six weeks, until I reported him to the police.

But the last message I got was “THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING.”

It was several months back but EVERYONE is STILL on alert!

And the craziness is MICHAEL JONES /ROK 3D also worked for Harvey Weinstein and the Weinstein Company.

I can just IMAGINE what he did for the Weinstein’s……. those women speaking out were brutalized with terrorizing tactics.

This EVIL is ALL connected.

Really, it always comes back to John Paul DeJoria, and my abusive ex Richard Zona Jr.

Peace out Hell’s Angels……………….

**** Sometimes I sit and wonder what REALLY happened to John Paul DeJoria’s brother as most of his biography is concocted BULLSHIT.

An anonymous source that John Paul DeJoria knew very well, said the subject of his brother was known to be off the table…..


  1. Vyom SM says:

    I didn’t even know this guy had a brother.Can you tell us more about that guy?

    • Tracy Zona says:

      His brother died, supposedly, in an accident, those who know John Paul DeJoria first hand said it was an off topic subject. But then much of his bio is crafted just like many of the BAD BILLIONAIRES.

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