Who Are the Real “Deplorables”? Shall We Add Les Wexner and Abigail Wexner? Victoria’s Secret.

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February 20, 2020
February 25, 2020
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Who Are the Real “Deplorables”? Shall We Add Les Wexner and Abigail Wexner? Victoria’s Secret.

Another “DEPLORABLE” bites the dust!

Yes, Les Wexner left Victoria’s Secret, trying desperately not to expose the disgrace and true bad/EVIL nature.

Remember, Les Wexner was unbelievably close to Jeffrey Epstein, then denied knowledge of his MONSTROUS, abuse?

Sort of exactly like Bill and Melinda Gates did, BTW!

I believe it is time to add Les and Abigail Wexner to the list of POWER COUPLE FRAUDS with John Paul DeJoria and eloise (purposely uncapitalized, no respect) DeJoria.

I am sure the SORDID details of the Wexner’s will trickle out and the WORLD will be disgusted.

Or, will they be able to maintain cover similar to, so far, Bill and Melinda Gates, as the world KNOWS!

~ A group of former Ohio State Wrestlers who say they were abused by the team’s doctor, Richard Strauss, is asking the Ohio Inspector General to investigate the school’s connection with Jeffrey Epstein.

The former wrestlers want to know how Ohio State might have been connected to Jeffrey Epstein and are pointing fingers at two of the school’s biggest donors, Les Wexner and his wife, Abigail.

They are requesting that the inspector general look into if the Wexner’s ever helped Epstein abuse a young woman, Maria Farmer. The Wexner’s said they have no knowledge of the alleged events.~

It got me thinking folks……….

About my survival from one of the world’s most manipulative gaslighters, my abusive ex, Richard Zona Jr.


As a survivor I feel like a grain of sand in the world.

Because we now know, as it is exposed daily, who the REAL “DEPLORABLES” are!!!!

Gaslighting is a way of controlling someone by creating false narratives – for example, that they are irrational or crazy. If such lies are repeated constantly, victims may get confused and start believing there really is something wrong with them. Confusion, diversion, distraction and disinformation can similarly be used to gaslight an entire society.


  1. Vyom SM says:

    I knew nothing about them.Keep exposing these frauds

  2. Vyom SM says:

    Hi tracy
    Its been a couple of days since you’ve posted something, am just wondering if everything is fine?

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