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January 30, 2020
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February 1, 2020
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Goodness…you know how every little girl dreams of being a PRINCESS!

Fairy tale SHATTERED……..not in England you don’t!

A weekend update before a weekend away…..sorry…it is UNPLEASANT.

It appears Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell are RUNNING FROM THE LAW.

~ In a highly unusual move, the United States attorney in Manhattan publicly scolded Britain’s Prince Andrew for failing to cooperate with authorities investigating Jeffrey Epstein and his associates for sex trafficking.

“To date, Prince Andrew has provided zero cooperation,” prosecutor Geoffrey Berman said Monday, when asked if the prince had been cooperative, according to the New York Times. Berman acknowledged that his office rarely comments on ongoing investigations, but said it was “fair” to do so in this case since Prince Andrew pledged to cooperate with investigators in November. That pledge came in the wake of Andrew’s much-criticized interview with the BBC, in which the prince, who is the youngest child of Queen Elizabeth II, failed to acknowledge Epstein’s victims. Prosecutors and the FBI have reached out to Andrew’s legal team three times and not gotten a response, the Times reported. ~

~ Victims allege Ghislaine Maxwell is purposefully evading justice system ~

And of course as I reported Ghislaine Maxwells SCUMBAG attorney’s, HADDON,MORGAN,FOREMAN PC (PAST BLOG in Denver, Colorado) are avoiding the law as well.

I still want to know who’s bankrolling the EVIL BITCH!!!!

And THE QUEEN……has summoned for Prince Andrew as if that is going to reverse the EVIL……in anyway…NOT!

That’s the UPDATE FOLKS… on the LOOKOUT for the TRASHY TWO and call the authorities……it’s time!

BTW, while on the subject of TRASH….Has anyone seen Richard Zona Jr., and eloise and John Paul DeJoria?

Crazy eloise DeJoria (purposely uncapitalized) popped her head out on instagram after several long weeks. (An unheard of amount of time for eloise DeJoria not to attempt to SHOW how important she is)

And then as duly noted on my blog, when a celebrity dies eloise DeJoria has to post just exactly her celebrity connection to the celebrity.

It is not about the DEATH but more the fact that the DeJoria’s knew the celebrity.

“ALL FOR THE SHOW” per Tiffany Wooley

In the case of Kobe Bryant’s demise…….eloise DeJoria noted “SHE HEARD THE HELICOPTERS.”

What a world folks…..Be kind, be caring, be compassionate to ALL! LOVE.


  1. Vyom SM says:

    This evasion of the justice system seems to be financed in the shadows having the involvement of some powerful people!
    But all this will come to an end!
    And also take this weekend to have a great time with your dear ones.

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