Never Left THE HOOD? John Paul DeJoria – Is He Destroying Another One – Scott Woolley?

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January 21, 2020
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Never Left THE HOOD? John Paul DeJoria – Is He Destroying Another One – Scott Woolley?

Ya know….. I have DEEP TIES TO SOUTH FLORIDA. I grew up in South Florida and had a blissful childhood, and still have MANY strong relationships there. I miss Joe’s Stone Crabs and lazy, sunny days, and boating on the intercoastal:)

I even knew some connected to “GANGMEMBER” John Paul DeJoria, Jordan Zimmerman, (besides his criminal affiliates that came full force after me) my RA in college at Fontana Hall….

I actually have many friends in South Florida and a few of my most trusted relationships. I lived in Palm Beach for a number of years married to my ex abusive husband Richard Zona Jr.

And in South Florida, EVIL John Paul DeJoria and his criminal affiliates terrorized, corruptly abused, sexually harassed, corruptly used the police, and threatened another woman like they did to me. Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions.

So I made a few phone calls to South Florida and my mind started racing.

As a survivor of domestic abuse sometimes the hardest thing to explain to others and even law enforcement is that THINGS ARE NOT AS THEY SEEM.

Abusers, manipulative cons, and criminals are MASTERS AT ILLUSION. Add the fact that John Paul DeJoria BRAGS that he has a red phone to Washington D.C/Corruption, (google what he did to Carly Singer with his affiliates, not to mention ME!), and the possibilities for corruption and illusion are GUARANTEED.


Ya know…..every partner he has had he has gotten rid of. Sort of strange, not really.

IT IS JOHN PAUL DEJORIA’S PATTERN. (Dead partners….jailed affiliates, galore!)

Does he USE people to work for him until his profits are realized and then he discards them with corruption or worse?

It has happened too many times folks…..just too many! (Paul Mitchell, Irwin Jacobs, Martin Crowley, jailed affiliates, unmentionables)

And so, my DEEP CONTACTS and I in South Florida openly wondered today if he hasn’t used his “GANG OF CORRUPTION” to destroy another affiliate…..Scott Woolley, whom also resides in South Florida?

He DOES NOT want to share ANY PROFITS he has made off of someone else’s back……..BY GOD, he doesn’t EVEN want to pay minimum wage to his employees!! (They sued him)

Several Florida Attorneys that have had to go up against him have confirmed his fraudulant shell companies, corruption and more!!

I don’t think John Paul DeJoria EVER LEFT THE HOOD!

BTW… His CONSTANT sign of peace from one that uses corruption and instills TERROR…..May not represent PEACE AT ALL.




  1. Tiffany Woolley says:

    Perfectly Put!!!

  2. Tiffany Woolley says:

    And the ✌🏼 It’s all just a part of the show!

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Part of the FRAUD…..part of the ILLUSION, but it has also been reported John Paul DeJoria is a HIGH SATANIC PRIEST in Texas and the sign is symbolic of Satanism.

      • Vyom SM says:

        I was trying to dig up about satanism and people selling their souls, so far I’ve yet to find anything, just couple of interviews about celebs talking about selling their souls.
        I don’t know if that is going to lead me to anything but seems that like there is a huge link between something very bad and these people
        As for as John Paul Dejoria is concerned, I can definitely say that he must be a maestro at hiding things, because you google about this guy you are not able to find anything except some motivation b.s.
        Same for Bill Gates, after reading your articles I went straight to google with the child porn story but I again ran out of luck as this thing was being run by an employee of his at the apartment of the employee but when the arrest popped up,he was found working at Gates’ estate at that time. If you have some infos that could lead to something I would definitely appreciate that.

        • Tracy Zona says:

          Some out there are saying GOOGLE is hiding important information from the people. (Google, Zach Vorhies, as he was hit with corruption and was at one time employed by Google) It may be why your having trouble finding information. If you google John Paul DeJoria you find a perfect man….I wonder if he pays Google to hide his frauds, EVIL behavior, and cons? Maybe they all do as much of it is hidden unless you have direct information. I discovered many frauds while his criminal affiliates were after me by deep research and his multitude of law suits and stock frauds. And for months I had victims pouring in with information about his bad deeds. As for Bill Gates, sort of like Oprah with touting the psycho John of God, the pieces come together and are very suspect……did an employee take the HEAT? I don’t know a lot about Bill Gates other than it has been reported that he was involved with Jeffrey Epstein. It has even been reported That Bill and Melinda Gates were entertained by Jeffrey Epstein in Paris? Entertained how? Entertained by a convicted pedophile? Why? What a coincidence. I just read the employee of Bill Gates found with 6000 child rape photos wasn’t jailed? A story in itself…HE WASN’T JAILED WITH 6000 child porn and rape images????? But again…I do not know very much about Bill Gates.

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