John Paul DeJoria – King Mohammed/Morocco/Fraud/and Dinner with the Clintons

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January 14, 2020
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January 15, 2020
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John Paul DeJoria – King Mohammed/Morocco/Fraud/and Dinner with the Clintons

I was on the phone tonight with support from someone whom has known John Paul Dejoria a very long time.

The recognition of EVIL was affirmed.

The recognition of FRAUD was affirmed.

The recognition of John Paul DeJoria using a human being until he prospers, then he discards them, anyway he can, when the profit has been realized, was affirmed.

The recognition of eloise DeJoria’s (purposely uncapitalized, no respect) participation in fraud was affirmed.

And I had a few questions that have been nagging at me answered.

The subject of the cockamamie FRAUD Moroccan Oil Deal came up…..and I asked

“Just how did John Paul DeJoria meet King Mohammad of Morocco?”

And I received my answer….. at the White House, at a dinner with the Clintons.

The timing was right for Morocco, too. A young new monarch, King Mohammed VI, took control of the kingdom in July 1999, and was eager to prove himself. In June 2000, DeJoria — his ponytail then still as dark as his suit — attended a White House dinner honoring the new king. Weeks later they met in Morocco. The king pledged help for DeJoria’s project, and assured him that “money would not be an issue going forward,” DeJoria recalled in a 2013 affidavit.

By August 2000, the project was ready for launch. Appearing on television from the desert exploration site near the Algerian border, the king promised his subjects “copious and high-quality oil” — God’s gift to Morocco. He visited the site, wearing a beige suit and a hard hat labeled “His Majesty.” (Gustin walked beside him in coveralls.) Standing with DeJoria and Gustin, energy minister Youssef Tahiri declared that the oil there could supply the kingdom for 30 years.

It was an immediate stimulus to the country’s stagnant economy; Morocco’s stock market jumped nearly 10 percent.

But disaster loomed. By mid-September, Tahiri had been dismissed. A single test drill had hit barely enough oil to meet the kingdom’s needs for three months, the Economist reported that same month. International investors became skeptical.

The promised quantities of oil never materialized. By the following summer, the king had a political problem, DeJoria and Gustin a financial one.

Relationships had soured by then as well. The Moroccan press questioned whether the Americans had swindled their king. In 2001, Gustin was ousted from company leadership, and both he and DeJoria left the country, citing death threats. Neither would return.

In September 2002, Moroccan former associates sued Gustin, DeJoria and a number of others, claiming they had exaggerated their company’s value to induce investments, and unlawfully withdrawn money from company coffers. The proceedings dragged on for years. Even the simplest task — serving defendants with legal paperwork — proved baffling. In April 2004, a man claiming he’d been sent by a charity DeJoria patronized appeared at the billionaire’s mansion overlooking Lake Austin and insisted on hand-delivering a gift-wrapped package he said was a token of appreciation. It was the Moroccan lawsuit.

DeJoria and Gustin never appeared in court in Morocco, claiming in affidavits filed later that they feared for their lives. A French attorney they attempted to hire to represent them there declined, writing, “the potential risks to one’s welfare are unacceptable.”In December 2009, a Moroccan court ruled against just Gustin and DeJoria, dismissing the other defendants. For fraud and mismanagement of the company, the judge ordered them to pay $123 million.~

And the story goes on and on with a legal abuse history that could go on forever. You get the gist!!!

But another question may have been answered…………………..

Remember when John Paul DeJoria BRAGGED (gross) about his red phone at home, in an interview, that had a DIRECT line to Washington D.C. (a previous blog)

I always suspected it was a direct line for corruption.

Corruption I experienced.
Corruption Carly Singer experienced.
Corruption MANY have experienced.
And corruption my caller tonight unfortunately experienced.


  1. Vyom SM says:

    Thats crazy! Do you have an estimate about how much John DeJoria took from the company’s coffers?

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I guess we would have to ask Mohammed of Morocco? But that is just ONE of his scams……I received one email, a victim, saying he has had a wheel of frauds going for YEARS, one after another. DeJoria’s Diamonds, Latitude Solutions, Virtual Piggy, Five Star Entertainment, Nordaq and on and on…….MILLIONS of dollars vanishing. Oh and he plants himself as the victim after the money VANISHES. After, he’s hauled off the money to Antiqua? Barbuda? And what is he doing down there? Hope he is not following in the Jeffrey Epstein CARIBBEAN pattern? I did a prior blog about it….Robert DeNiro and John Paul DeJoria trying to extort the island and good people of Barbuda. “These people are sick.”

  2. Vyom SM says:

    I’ve seen articles on this case, I came across an article which has the same version you’ve written, the starting sentence with “The timing was right..

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