The First Amendment – A Monday Rehash. Years of Pain, Terror, Legal Abuse, Corruption, and Abuse.

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January 12, 2020
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January 15, 2020
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The First Amendment – A Monday Rehash. Years of Pain, Terror, Legal Abuse, Corruption, and Abuse.

FREE SPEECH, even if you do not like what I write (MY TRUTH), I have a RIGHT to write it.

And I have a right to be protected if criminals do not want others to know what they have done.

All victims of abuse have a RIGHT to tell their story and not be subjected to what I have been subjected to and even worse. Some have died for trying to TELL the TRUTH. I have been threatened and more.

The acts to silence me, steal from me, abuse, me, hack my blog on Christmas Eve, defraud me, legally abuse me, terrorize me, threaten me, and harass me SINCE 2004 are inexcusable. SINCE 2004 this gang of men (Richard Zona Jr./flying monkeys and 2017 John Paul DeJoria/criminal affiliates have tried to STOP ME from telling what they do.

As in the LIGHT as I am, regardless of their EVIL, I have days when I can not believe the EVIL that has come after me in my life.


It has been a year and a half since from October 2017 to August 2018 came to a SHOCKING HEAD. I am a year and a half away from telling EVEN MORE OF MY STORY. I survived nearly nine months of a GANG of powerful men with loads of money that was not, actually, theirs (FRAUD), after me.

Just today I saw acts of continuance by this EVIL GANG of men. As if they blame me for their EVIL. No….no…no, not a chance…oops I just WROTE ABOUT IT.

Just today I saw LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas on my blog. Like Ardmore, Pa. STAY AWAY FROM ME. (LOUD AND CLEAR)

Just today someone in San Diego tried to ILLEGALLY log into, so to hack my blog, again? IP Address:

Just today Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. was on my blog….was it my ex abusive husband Richard Zona Jr?

You know, the one I married for love (nothing about it was love) and had two children with, that forced daily sex, and punched holes in walls, because I ONCE mismatched a blue and black sock. It was abuse NOT LOVE.

You know, the MONSTER that sold my home, signed my name (FRAUD) wherever he could, stole my jewelry and sold it, and had his felon charged brother in law, John Paradise, Paradise Automotive, steal my car while sleeping and sell it.

You know, Richard Zona Jr……the abusive monster that STILL HOLDS MY MONEY SINCE 2004 that told me ” he won’t give me MY MONEY, unless I literally lick his asshole, more abusive, sick, sexual demands, even though I needed it to feed OUR children.” He WANTED the children to suffer with me. And suffer they did, and still do.

You know, THE MONSTER, that told me “I couldn’t read a book at night” because he had to force sex on me. And if I imposed MY FREEDOM to read a book any damn time I damn felt like it…..he would hiss and kick his tiny feet like a devil. And then…..punish me by taking whatever he could away from me.

I have a FIRST amendment right to tell my story……………..more victims should, EVERY victim of abuse should. Share the details of these MONSTERS. And then…be protected from them.

But they are still at it folks…… trying to stop me, I feel it, I see it.

From Palm Beach Gardens, San Diego, Ardmore, Pa., and Little Rock, Arkansas and other spots around the world…………………………….

What I saw today inspired a MONDAY REHASH.


  1. Vyom SM says:

    I think anyone will be proud of you, not many have the courage to endure all these abuse you’ve been through! As for the illegal logins, I would suggest you to create a backup blog site just in case you’ll need to follow up.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I am appreciative of your support and had heeded your advice when my blog was hacked by John Paul DeJoria’s/criminal affiliates, with eager help from my ex Richard Zona Jr., on CHRISTMAS EVE, 2017. Can you believe this “GANG” of EVIL would choose Christmas Eve to try to silence my strong voice? Obviously…. they failed.

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