Ghislaine Maxwell (Puke) – Haddon, Morgan, Foreman PC – CREEPY ATTORNEYS?

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January 9, 2020
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January 11, 2020
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Ghislaine Maxwell (Puke) – Haddon, Morgan, Foreman PC – CREEPY ATTORNEYS?

If your a frequent reader of my blog you know, concerning abuse, which I have survived, that women flying monkeys, and scumbag attorneys that help abusers (Bonnie Zeldin Rosen) MAKE ME SICK.

I have suffered HORRIFIC re-abuse by flying monkey women, they grasp onto abusers like leeches, and corrupt, and beyond amoral attorneys.

Trust me, as this scenario goes hand in hand with abuse. And you think escaping abuse is HELL enough…..NO, more EVIL is sent your way. It becomes an army of EVIL against you.

So of course I looked up the CREEPIEST MOST EVIL ATTORNEYS, Ghislaine Maxwell’s Attorneys! Who would want to represent this woman….this piece of SHIT on Earth?


It should be a story in itself just how Denver’s CREEPY LAWYERS – Haddon, Morgan, Foreman PC came to represent a woman PROUD she gave George Clooney a blow job in a bathroom. Not to mention the strap-ons she used on less fortunate teenage girls. Ghislaine Maxwell claimed it was o.k. to abuse these girls because “THEY WERE NOTHING.”

Once you begin looking into the ties that bind the world’s WORST PEOPLE ON EARTH, it becomes an almost unbelievable rabbit hole.

How did Ghislaine Maxwell FIND THE DENVER ATTORNEY’S? She has never lived in DENVER, as she was too busy selling her soul to Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew, and more.


I found out some interesting facts about HADDON, MORGAN, FOREMAN PC – Why them?

* Remember Jon Benet Ramsey? And the poor child’s sexual assault, abuse, and murder? Well HADDON, MORGAN, FOREMAN PC was her father’s, John Ramsey’s attorneys. (Very weird)

* HMMM…HADDON, MORGAN, FOREMAN PC represented Kobe Bryant during his Colorado RAPE CASE.

*Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (1990-1991). Colorado state charges of sexual assault, possession of explosives, and possession of drugs. Case dismissed after preliminary hearing. Personal Representative of Hunter S. Thompson Estate (2005-2008).

After being bludgeoned legally and fraudulently and re-abused by Bonnie Zeldin Rosen ATTY. for my abuser, Richard Zona Jr., without resources to defend myself…………


How did Ghislaine Maxwell find representation in DENVER’S HADDON, MORGAN, FOREMAN PC? Gosh, I want to know the ties that bind EVIL!!!


  1. Vyom SM says:

    I’ve been reading about these cases right, didn’t even know that a reputed player like Kobe was involved in such a serious case, but for me after researching a bit, definitely he is an abuser.
    And as for the Ramsey case, MAYBE it was the father himself behind this sexual assault.
    Coming back to Ghislaine Maxwell, I didn’t find a single clue which could help determine the reasons behind Denver’s HADDON..representation of this vile woman. Maybe because some other secret partners in crime having ties to them.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      IT CAN”T BE COINCIDENTAL THAT HADDON, MORGAN, and FOREMAN PC REPRESENTS SO MUCH EVIL! A dot must exist between all this EVIL. Let me know if you find the dot and I will too…..

      • Vyom SM says:

        Definitely gonna let you know

      • AM says:

        Nothing is coincidental. Look up Laura Menninger, lawyer for this firm. She worked for Goldman Sachs in NY before going to law school. She was a financial analyst. Think about the access she had there. After law school, she worked for a judge in the SDNY, where Epstein was first charged (years ago). This district is a key in the connections of evil, but not the only key. Also, she moved to CO in 2002 to work for the public defenders office. From there, this firm hired her in 2008. If you know anything about CO, then you know that the marijuana industry blew up at this time. The connections are all obvious, BUT you have to understand the larger picture. This woman knew what she was doing moving to CO to eventually work for this firm where she could eventually end up representing Maxwell/Epstein. She’s the lead attorney assisting Maxwell. Maxwell also has a lawyer that was involved in prosecuting El Chapo. Focusing on drug lords like him allows the CIA and other government offices/officials to ACTUALLY traffic drugs. This lawyer went to Harvard for law school, and Epstein has deep ties with this University. It’s all connected.

        • Tracy Zona says:

          Thank you very much for your information. It’s great or all of us to work together against this corruption. Looks like LAURA MENNINGER would make an informative blog! I appreciate you visiting my blog!

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