Two GROSS FAT DISGUSTING MONSTERS – Harvey Weinstein and Michael Moore!

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Two GROSS FAT DISGUSTING MONSTERS – Harvey Weinstein and Michael Moore!

Here’s the good news, Harvey Weinstein (Whine-stein) has been hit with more sexual assault and rape charges in Los Angeles.

It’s literally FUN watching him go down. All those years he exuded power and abuse over women victims. NOT ANY MORE! It’s PAYDAY!!!!

But let’s look at Michael Moore. He’s nothing MOORE than a FAT DISGUSTING FRAUDULENT HYPOCRITICAL SHILL.

Oh yeah, he was a flying monkey of Harvey Weinstein’s and I wonder if any of his hypocritical documentaries are money laundering schemes of BULLSHIT?

Can you believe it folks…. Michael Moore was making documentaries on corruption while he pals around with CORRUPT, ABUSIVE, MONSTERS. (One of the guys) I wonder what else he knows and has contributed too?


He knew EXACTLY what Harvey Weinstein was up too and he continued to FEED HIS FAT FACE on what he could get out of it. (Overlooking and/or contributing to EVIL.)

~ So Moore and Weinstein had reunited to do an anti-Trump film and because of Harvey’s situation the project is now in trouble, along with other Weinstein projects. But there’s something else, a big something else. Actress Rose McGowan says that “they all knew” in Hollywood about Harvey’s attitude about sex, and others say indeed it was an “open secret.”~

If I sold my soul and ate myself to GROSSNESS like Michael Moore I am sure I could make a few compelling documentaries about Michael Moore and his illicit connections. (I’ll NEVER sell my soul)

His movies are now pointless and meaningless because hanging with Harvey Weinstein proves zero integrity for Michael Moore!

Michael Moore is a LUMP OF LARD!!!


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