Is John Paul DeJoria a Money Launderer or Worse? Go Away Ardmore, Pa!

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January 6, 2020
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Is John Paul DeJoria a Money Launderer or Worse? Go Away Ardmore, Pa!

Eloise DeJoria, John Paul DeJoria== Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation - Patron Cowboy Cookout== Hearst Dairy Barn, San Simeon, CA== September 29, 2018== ©Patrick McMullan== photo - Patrick McMullan/PMC== ==

Are John Paul DeJoria and his CUCKOO CRAZY, KOOL AID DRINKING, pussy exposing, wife eloise (purposely uncapitalized), money launderers?

Is that how they made their money? Or does it go much deeper and even more EVIL than that?

I think ….. after all my research the path to the DeJoria’s being “bad billionaires” is AWFUL and EVIL….. beyond money laundering.

Cuckoo eloise DeJoria and her CONSTANT “RAH RAH SIS KOOM BAH!” for FRAUD, money laundering, and I believe worse is NAUSEATING.

eloise is not getting it that A.) We don’t give a damn whom she knows. and B.) The world has your ticket. WE KNOW!!!

If you find this a bit HARSH…consider what the Dejoria’s put me through for over a year and consider what they put Carly Singer/Latitude Solution through. Two abused women.

It is NOT FUN having their criminal affiliates after you. I went through harassment, threats, abuse, blog hacked, legal abuse and TERROR.

And just today their ties to Ardmore, Pa. were on my blog. The very spot my blog was hacked several years ago. It was an attempt to silence the TRUTH.

It was a reminder of all the DeJoria’s/criminal affiates have put me through because they wanted the TRUTH of their EVIL nature hidden.

Don’t come to my blog Ardmore, PA. You lied and defended CRIMINALS so you could live a great lifestyle at the expense of others and victims.

Cockroaches live in Ardmore, Pa. and I will have NONE OF IT.


  1. Vyom SM says:

    Still hard to digest that a man I used to look up as an inspiration is actually that messed up. Just finished watching a video about him giving advice to young entrepreneurs(never give up..blah blah and all these motivation bs), still thinking how a person can be that two faced and whether his advices are still worth a penny given that the amount of crimes he committed! How low can he stoop, I guess only time will tell

    • Tracy Zona says:

      He’s EVIL…..Nordaq, Five Star Entertainment, Maghreb Petroleum, Latitude Solutions, Rego/Virtual Piggy, DeJoria’s Diamonds and MORE….ALL BOGUS!
      Not to mention his CRIMINAL AFFILIATES abused, terrorized, harassed, legally abused, threatened, and used corruption to harass and terrorize two women that were victims of abuse. He has managed for years to silence the TRUTH.

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