The World is Changing? POPE FRANCIS Took a Baby Step. WE STILL NEED JUSTICE. (Msgr. Urell)

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December 17, 2019
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December 19, 2019
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The World is Changing? POPE FRANCIS Took a Baby Step. WE STILL NEED JUSTICE. (Msgr. Urell)

We have to acknowledge change for a more loving, kinder, caring world and even baby steps to stop abuse. We have had so many TRULY EVIL people OUTED as of late.

BUT WE STILL NEED JUSTICE. Especially in the Catholic Church.

Monsignor John Urell needs held accountable for moving pedophile priests in Southern California around in secrecy. It’s past time.

Had I known he was a creepy, pedophile enabler I never would have allowed him in my home. The secrecy endangered my family. My faith violated. Trust in my religious leader sabotaged. The church secretary, St. Catherines Catholic Church (Laguna Beach), told me the files on sexual abuse were piled HIGH while Msgr. John Urell was at the parish.

Msgr. John Urell knowingly, secretly, moved pedophiles from church to church and Catholic School to Catholic School. AND he was doing this while frolicking, (meant to be an interesting choice of words as my ex abusive husband told many, Msgr. John Urell was “GOD TO HIM”) with my ex abusive husband, Richard Zona Jr.

Of course some secrets are forever, as I will never know if Msgr. John Urell and my ex abusive husband (Richard Zona Jr.) had sex together in the rectory or not, as rumours amongst the parishioners were rampant.

And strangely, it was at this time Richard Zona Jr. escalated his sexual abuse and EVIL, UNLOVING, HORRIFIC, demands of me.

Secretly, Richard Zona Jr. gifted Msgr. John Urell with an expensive watch. Secret, until I found the receipt on my 14th wedding anniversary that was forgotten. IT WAS A CATHOLIC SECRET!

I am still sickened by my naivete and trust I had in these two EVIL men. I had only known PURE LOVE FROM MY FAMILY until the two of them. Yes, it was my first wake up call that EVIL exists. (Thank you to the Catholic Church)

But the POPE took a baby step today. NO MORE SECRECY. I have hope, although the change is not enough…….



But Hey! Let’s give a thumbs up to the POPE today! Pope Francis, THANK YOU!

~ ROME — Pope Francis has lifted the Roman Catholic Church’s highest form of confidentiality in sexual abuse cases, a move designed to increase transparency and open the door to information sharing with civil authorities.

The abolition of the “pontifical secrecy” rule does not mean that the documents and testimony from the church’s abuse trials will become public. Instead, the Vatican said in making the decree public Tuesday, the information can be handed over to “lawful authorities” who make the request.

The Vatican had long said the rule was necessary to safeguard its in-house legal process and the privacy of survivors. But the practice has drawn criticism from many advocates and some figures inside the church, who say pontifical secrecy keeps hidden the crimes of abusers and the full scale of the crisis. ~

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