I Knew an Abused Woman would Lose Her Life Because of Bonnie Zeldin Rosen/Hayley Rosen

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December 11, 2019
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December 14, 2019
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I Knew an Abused Woman would Lose Her Life Because of Bonnie Zeldin Rosen/Hayley Rosen

Please take a look at the picture of the two women above: attorneys at law, Bonnie Zeldin Rosen, and her equally EVIL daughter Hayley Rosen. Take a HARD LOOK. Lately, I have pointed out that the abusive HELL I have lived through and survived….. that the TRUTH had come full circle. I was right about it all.

Something terrible and inexcusable has happened to ANOTHER ABUSED WOMAN as a direct result of Bonnie Zeldin Rosen and Hayley Rosen’s legal abuse of abused women.

I predicted, in my last letter to the State Bar of Ca/Ann Kim that an abused woman would eventually die because of the legal abuse of Bonnie Zeldin Rosen.

I am CRUSHED, I was right again. For years I have tried to prevent this from happening. Bonnie Zeldin Rosen and now her daughter Hayley Rosen have been taking legal abuse to victims of abuse to the extremes.


It is INEXCUSABLE because countless women who’s lives have been PERMANENTLY ALTERED AND SEVERELY DAMAGED by Rosen and Rosen LLP have alerted the system time and time again. For years.

Bonnie Zeldin Rosen fraudulantly stole my life and my children, in honestly the most EVIL of ways. She leaves an abused woman without any hope and without any resources. SHE GETS OFF ON RE-ABUSING AN ABUSED VICTIM. She is purposeful in her legal abuse of abused women.

Rosen and Rosen LLP’s tactic is to escalate the abuse at the most dangerous and volatile time……when a victim leaves an abusive relationship.

ROSEN AND ROSEN LLP’s EVIL has now graduated their PURE EVIL. I knew an abuse victim would lose their life because of her. I tried to prevent it. I did everything I could with the limited resources Bonnie Zeldin Rosen left me with after a 15 year marriage. Countless others have tried to STOP Rosen and Rosen LLP too.


~ I have a friend who was going through a similar experience: abusive marriage, narcissistic husband, and filed for divorce. They had 6 children (4 together) and he took them from her, filed a restraining order, and left with all of the children. She was left in a completely desperate and hopeless state of mind. On Friday, she committed suicide. I am devastated. Her youngest baby isn’t even 1 yet. Bonnie Zeldin Rosen was his attorney also.
Thanks for letting me share.~

Those of us that know the EVIL of Bonnie and Hayley Rosen are crushed. Her children are now without their mother. And my children were without theirs.

If a teenager can go to prison for bullying/texting, Bonnie Zeldin Rosen and Hayley Rosen deserve a life sentence.

Domestic abuse is lifelong for everyone, that is, if you survive it.

*Ann Kim /State Bar of Ca who has received multiple complaints, and has looked the other way, on Atty. Bonnie Zeldin Rosen, is complicit in the loss of this abused woman


  1. Lalé Welsh says:

    Bonnie Zeldin Rosen Represented my ex 25 years ago in a divorce that robbed me of my kids all I had rebuilt since he left me and the kids for broke. Our divorce proceedings took nearly 10 years thanks to this sadistic woman and her evil tactics that in the end only served her and almost destroyed us and our children, both financially and emotionally. I am sorry that she’s still in business and has spawned he own mini-me to perpetuate her cruelty through the court system,
    My heart goes out to this woman and her family. May she RIP.

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