I am a Catholic….BUT I AM NOT COMING HOME. St. John Bosco High School Abuse/Vatican

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December 3, 2019
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I am a Catholic….BUT I AM NOT COMING HOME. St. John Bosco High School Abuse/Vatican

Yesterday as I drove past my local Catholic Church and saw a sign out front that said “CATHOLICS COME HOME.” I honestly felt like stopping my car and giving the priest a piece of my mind. I am a Catholic but the Catholic Church has not paid the price for their crimes of horrific abuse against children. I am not coming home.

Priests such as Msgr. John Urell in Laguna Niquel, who infiltrated my home and infiltrated my abusive ex husband Richard Zona Jr. (YES, INFILTRATED), have gotten away scott free from moving pedophile priests onto new locations to abuse children. Msgr. Urell entered my home as a FRAUD. An EVIL WOLF in sheep’s clothing and he continues today living very well off the Catholic Church and hanging out at children’s schools. (St. Ann’s, Laguna Niquel).

Remember it was Msgr. John Urell (sick fuck) that feigned a convenient mental breakdown during a deposition on his EVIL ACTS OF PROMOTING CHILD ABUSE. And the CATHOLIC CHURCH rescued him from his questioning and flew him to a retreat for priest NUTSOS in Canada. Until…the coast was clear.

I still wonder what my ex abusive husband Richard Zona Jr., with multiple criminal affiliates in his life, and Msgr. John Urell did playing together at the Laguna Beach rectory, St. Catherines, many nights a week? WHAT WERE THESE TWO MEN DOING? Has your husband ever taken a trip to Las Vegas with a priest? Well Msgr. Urell and my ex abusive husband DID? What did they do in Vegas?

Anyway, the point of my blog today is about more purging of CATHOLIC CHILD abuse. My entire life people have always confided in me and trusted me with their life stories. I guess they feel my kindness, my inner peace, my compassionate nature and KNOW they can share almost anything with me. Saturday night was no different.

I had a discussion with a man I barely know that purged his abuse story to me. He told me he was a 15 year old student at St. John Bosco High School, in Bellflower Ca. when a person of authority invited him as a guest to a movie. He went believing he could trust this person of authority AT HIS CATHOLIC SCHOOL, St. John Bosco. Obviously, this occurred many many years ago, but during his evening out, sucked in by a movie, the abuser/St. John Bosco attempted sexual assault of a child.

Of course when I saw the sign, CATHOLICS COME HOME, my blood boiled, with the fresh purging of abuse by a man I barely know.

I WON”T COME, HOME VATICAN, (I don’t believe you care), until Msgr. John Urell is removed. THAT IS MY STAKE IN THE GROUND.

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