A Heck of a Monday. Hells’ Angels Kelowna B.C?

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November 24, 2019
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November 27, 2019
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A Heck of a Monday. Hells’ Angels Kelowna B.C?

Boom boom POW! It was that kind of a Monday……but of course I survived it with GRACE:) The world was on my blog today. Thank you for reading. GRATEFUL. We must know how these abusive monsters work to stop it cold.

Although, being me, in my matrix, after threats, harassment,”do you have protection?”, hacked blogs and more, you begin to wonder if your blog is being read for nefarious purposes. (John Paul DeJoria/Criminal affiliates, Richard Zona Jr.)

Today one of the search engines indicated for my blog was Searchtransparint.com. Yes…someone is trying to hide reading a womans blog/diary about abuse? Read it and LEARN. Why try so hard to be transparint when I can see anyway?

I still can’t understand why Richard Zona Jr. doesn’t find a way to redemption? (Hmmmm he’s a mini/tiny monster) And release his family from abuse HELL.

And I still can’t understand why John Paul DeJoria will not apologize on hands and knees to two women, that I know of, that were terrorized by his “GANG.”

Just simplify life and LOVE. CHANGE THE DARN WORLD!!!!


And then there was Kelowna B.C. on my blog today. Home of a well known Hell’s Angel Clubhouse which John Paul DeJoria was or is? Another question about what John Paul DeJoria is……WOWEE. Were the Hell’s Angels reading my blog today?

Someone was reading my blog today in Kelowna B.C. for sure. I can’t imagine why….unless John Paul DeJoria directed them to. Hmmm…maybe?

Really? The Hells Angels should make the skinny, ugly, John Paul DeJoria get down on his knees and apologize, as warranted, to me and Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions. Two women fighting to survive in a dark world of abuse.

John Paul DeJoria. BIG MAN (BARF), using criminal affiliates, already (not Hells Angels) to terrorize two women with one penny to his billions.

If John Paul DeJoria is a Hells Angel maybe they are reading/learning in Kelowna B.C. as they really need a new leader?

A new face…… A REAL MAN. Not a skinny SHILL – John Paul DeJoria.

Short week as it is a week to celebrate THANKS. I AM SO GRATEFUL:) Monday is over with GRACE:)

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