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November 14, 2019
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November 19, 2019
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What a Weekend It Will Be!!

Trust me when I tell you…..I will have a great weekend! This I know. I need my playtime.

The ugliness in the world has been all consuming lately. I met someone yesterday that said “you look like a lot of fun.” I’d prefer to be that Tracy, as opposed to someone that must stand up to the abuse of me that has not been rectified (where is Richard Zona Jr?), and to the worldwide abuse epidemic.

Everyday I hope for love, kindness, and compassion to take the place of the HORROR of the abusers in the world recently exposed.

I was thinking about the saying “money can not buy class.” It appears we have some very bad billionaires (John Paul DeJoria/criminal affiliates) with zero class.

It is UGLY to watch someone mistreat another human being…..have you ever watched someone mistreat someone publicly, and they think they are all superior because they belittled and abused a human being in front of others, and the witnesses to it are appalled.

Too many “bad billionaires” are behaving repulsively, and the world perceives this as grotesque. Maybe we need to send ALL THE “BAD BILLIONAIRES” to charm school (in prison) because what has been exposed as of late is far from CLASS. More like trash. Garbage. AND PURE EVIL.

Off in the early a.m. to a weekend like no other:) Not only will I be the fun Tracy, but I will be kind, respectful, and compassionate to everyone that crosses my path.

*As I am turned off by the lack of class I bare witness to……….

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