Is Google Complicit In Rape, Abuse, Fraud, and Cons Too? Ask Zach Vorhies?

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November 7, 2019
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November 12, 2019
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Is Google Complicit In Rape, Abuse, Fraud, and Cons Too? Ask Zach Vorhies?

Yesterday…A man from New York City called me at 6 a.m. He told me he LOVED my website and he would like to help me move up my GOOGLE rating. First off, I’m not a morning person and I love to linger in my king sized down bed because the rest of my day and into the night is so damn busy. Unfortunately, for the man, he did not illicit the reply he wanted.

I actually said “I don’t give a damn about being in the GOOGLE club?”

“I do not GIVE A DAMN about where GOOGLE places me.”

Who are they anyway? What are they anyway? You have to buy your way in? And they protect those that do? Good or bad? EVIL or not?

I do not live in anybody’s box, EVEN THE GOOGLE BOX, since I left my horrific abusive marriage to Richard Zona Jr. He boxed me in for too many years of my life! No boxes or bad clubs for moi! I beat to my own drum.

I happen to see and hear from others all over the world, reading my blog and thinking out of any damn GOOGLE box, others with true heart and soul. I do not need GOOGLE to approve of me to bring about change and simply tell my TRUE STORY. THE TRUTH RELEASES ALL OF US. My truth. Your truth….it’s happening BIG TIME.

Keywords, Google ratings, algorithms……UGH. What about humans? What about compassion? What about TRUTH? What about the SOUL? GOOGLE?

I happen to know a few things about GOOGLE too.

You should GOOGLE Zach Vorhies to get some insights into Club Google. (one I do not care about)

Truthfully…. I do not care what GOOGLE thinks of me or where they rate my website…..I care about those that take a minute to see something NEW AND TRUTHFUL.

And if….GOOGLE was legit and not complicit…you could find, maybe, even one of my blogs when you GOOGLE John Paul DeJoria…. his lawsuits, his criminal affiliates, his strangely dead partners, and his frauds(?), Nordaq, Virtual Piggy, Latitude Solutions, Five Star Entertainment, and many, many more….

Strangely my blog appears under all his flying monkeys as it is apparent GOOGLE only takes care of John Paul DeJoria. (HILARIOUSLY CORRUPT) (Does GOOGLE take care of all the bad billionaires?)

But YOU CAN’T……. John Paul DeJoria is a perfect human being according to GOOGLE. (LOL) (NOT)

Of course…….you can FIND IT ALL on the net, everything. But… you must escalate your research. Do not count on what I find questionable, the GOOGLE CLUB.

Ask Zach Vorhies……former GOOGLE Senior Software Engineer at Youtube/Google who discovered GOOGLE’S censorship weapons? It appears GOOGLE sent in the police after him corruptly. Zach Vorhies had to pull the dead man’s switch. Very interesting story.

WORLD, THANK YOU FOR READING MY BLOG! Regardless of my GOOGLE rating. I don’t even know what it is. DON’T CARE:)

Have a Happy Saturday…..have some fun. Martini Saturday….. Dance a little…..

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