Thank You….World! I Grew Up with Pure Love……..

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October 27, 2019
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October 31, 2019
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Thank You….World! I Grew Up with Pure Love……..

Thank you world as my readership is up 64%!

A BIGGER Thank YOU for those that have contacted me via email, and phone calls that have validated what I write, even those from the most unsuspecting places:) WOW! Thank you…..

Life has been ROUGH since I left abuse at the hands of Richard Zona Jr. Richard Zona Jr. has made sure of that. But…he failed to realize the beginning of my life was centered around incredible family love. No matter what Richard Zona Jr.and John Paul DeJoria/criminal affiliates did could EVER DAMAGE MY SOUL and MY HEART FULL OF LOVE. Ever. He and his criminal affiliates have wasted double digit years and so much EVIL energy attempting to harm my being. Although life can be rough, the love I have experienced made me tough, and strong. I have made, even if small, an impact I know, by the heartfelt communications I receive everyday, some filled with pain worse than mine.

The the world is changing. Abuse is being eradicated because now we know just whom the HORRIBLE PEOPLE are, what to look for, and how NOT to be manipulated…..not just from me, but from all the courageous victims RISING UP everywhere.

We still need JUSTICE. Hard to come by in the United States for women like me. I am reading abuse survivors of Jeffrey Epstein are being victimized in the courts, a problem I have had since I had the BRAVADO to leave my horrific abuser Richard Zona Jr., even though he STOLE MY LIFE, even committing fraud and worse and being in contempt of court.

(Hey! I created a new one, better, and filled with the foundation of love I grew up in.)

I’m TOUGH…but I am filled with love, heart, and soul. No EVIL has made me bitter or cold. Just determined.


Hi to Little Rock Arkansas, Barbados, and more!

You can imagine…more TOUGH to come! I think it is called TOUGH LOVE:)

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