There is NOTHING Beautiful About Caryn Zucker!

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October 16, 2019
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October 21, 2019
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There is NOTHING Beautiful About Caryn Zucker!

After surviving abuse with a large number of flying monkeys after me (male and female)….I can honestly say I despise a woman that hangs with EVIL ABUSE. On many an occasion Caryn Zucker was by Ghislaine Maxwell’s side. It is sickening and grotesque. She should go on CNN and apologize to all the victims Ghislaine Maxwell scarred forever. She won’t and I will tell you why. Besides the fact her face is soooo not beautiful and she looks like she could open a can (can opener head) she has proven to have sold her soul. The company she keeps is EVIL. Nothing irks me more than a female co conspirator in abuse as my ex abuser Richard Zona Jr. has employed several EVIL women to come after me. No excuse exists for can opener head’s (Caryn Zucker) choice of friends. Stay away from CAN OPENER HEAD FOLKS! And Happy Friday!

I know I know…I have had too many flying monkeys and co co-conspirators come after me as I no longer have any toleration for ANYONE that contributes to ABUSE.


  1. J. Ashe says:

    Bless your heart for the courage to expose this evil woman!

  2. Briann says:

    That woman is immersed in a social cesspool of scum! The wealthy liberal zealots have adopted whatever they can get away with as the moral ideal, and right and wrong are established after the fact, depending on the consequences.

    They would rather dine with a well-dressed Satan than with a humble Saint whose mere existence is intolerable to them! They have only the comfort of a shared fate: eternal death!

    Like the ancient Israelites who could see the massive conquering army approaching from their rooftops, they indulge every vice and excess, in drunken revelry as they are driven mad by angels sent to destroy them.

    Their final testimony shall be their rotting corpses, while truth lives on forever!

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