Poison – Will That Be The Next Horror? John Paul DeJoria and Richard Zona Jr.

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October 16, 2019
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October 18, 2019
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Poison – Will That Be The Next Horror? John Paul DeJoria and Richard Zona Jr.

I’ve been through so much! I suffered horrific domestic abuse in my marriage. My ex abusive husband Richard Zona Jr. continued coercive control until now as he defrauded, forged, stole, committed corruption, is still in contempt of court, and engaged a team of EVIL flying monkeys to come after me. My blog has been unconstitutionally shut down. My blog has been illegally hacked. Everyday one hundred or more attempts to illegally log in to my blog is attempted. I have been legally abused by 7 attorneys. I have been terrorized, threatened, harassed, and two corrupt judges ruled in favor of a “GANG” of criminals over me……all connected to John Paul DeJoria and my abusive ex husband Richard Zona Jr.

In the past two months I was threatened and harassed by a buffoon, Michael Jones ROK 3d affiliate of John Paul DeJoria’s, that has been involved in multiple (fraudulant?) endeavors with John Paul DeJoria. (Even going after my private financial information). Threats were made I “had my last warning.” I had a man on Linkedin that lives in Columbia with helicopter ties to Arkansas reviewing my profile on Linkedin every hour for an entire day.

And yesterday I had a toxicology (poison) scientist from Poland ( Institute of Experimental Pharmacology and Toxicology, CEM, Slovak Academy of Sciences) reviewing my profile on linkedin. And a telephone call the day before asking me “if I have protection?” Honestly that is too close together to not make me suspect and concerned.

You have to ask yourself why? Why would this “GANG OF CRIMINALS” come after a woman that tells the TRUTH and has her heart and soul intact. Are they jealous I LIVE! Are they jealous I experience LOVE, SUPPORT, CARING, and RESPECT everyday! Or is the exposure putting a damper on their criminal activities? Maybe it is a combination of both!!! Evil always wants to destroy GOOD.

Poison, huh, it’s not so far out of the realm. It appears it happened to a model named Iman Fadil who was set to tell her truth in a court.

You have to wonder why Richard Zona Jr. will not just return what’s mine and John Paul DeJoria will not get on his hands and knees and beg forgiveness for putting TWO WOMEN THROUGH THIS? (Me and Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions)


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