It’s Being Exposed – Those That Are “ROTTEN TO THE CORE”

October 11, 2019
John Paul DeJoria: Arrests and Very Strange Deaths (Irwin Jacob)(Martin Crowley)
October 14, 2019
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It’s Being Exposed – Those That Are “ROTTEN TO THE CORE”

Happy Saturday to the world! When I began my blog over four years ago to purge my own nightmare story of fraud, horrific, abuse and incomprehensible EVIL at the hands of my abusive ex husband Richard Zona Jr. I had no clue my blog would take me on a journey like no other. And the FULL story, as yet, has not been told. I have survived the unimaginable and my expose’ on those that are ROTTEN TO THE CORE has stood it’s ground. My success is real as thus far three of the EVIL I’ve chronicled have been arrested this year. My blog has survived, even more miraculously, attempts by the ugly and powerful (John Paul DeJoria/criminal affiliates) to take down my voice. Literally, thousands of attempts have been made to sabotage my blog. I have no doubt a higher power has protected my voice.. as this has been a battle between good and evil. The world is battling good and evil right now…have you noticed…as those ROTTEN TO THE CORE are going down! The evil chronicled in my blog DESERVE to be exposed. Quite frankly they deserve much more, I and all the victims of those chronicled, deserve JUSTICE. Let’s keep fighting for JUSTICE and turn this world around. My hope is that all that have suffered from those that are ROTTEN TO THE CORE find the love, joy, peace, and happiness I found when I took my power back from EVIL, FRAUD, and ABUSE from criminals.

In the meantime it’s the weekend! Lounge by the pool, take a hike, get gorgeous, have a martini, and dance!:)

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