More Crimes and Criminals Partnered With John Paul DeJoria For Decades!!

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October 8, 2019
October 11, 2019
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More Crimes and Criminals Partnered With John Paul DeJoria For Decades!!

In 2017 John Paul DeJoria/affiliates partnered with my abusive ex husband Richard Zona Jr. to silence my true story. Criminal acts were occurring and the “GANG” came after me full force. Terror, harassment, legal abuse, blog hacking, corruption, and as recently as a month ago serious threats, including financial threats, I have been subjected to. (Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions also went through hell with this “GANG.”) Every time I research John Paul DeJoria his cast of criminals expands and I come away with more of his lies, more of his frauds, and some very suspicious very bad events surrounding John Paul DeJoria/affiliates.

John Paul DeJoria has had three criminal arrests affiliated with him this year, that I am certain of.

Scott Woolley was a partner for DECADES! (Now arrested) As I researched more of their DECADES old relationship I found John Paul DeJoria spewing more diarrhea of the mouth, concerning his now arrested PARTNER, Scott Woolley. Below is the lying sack of shit and EVIL John Paul DeJoria’s words, SEE THROUGH THEM.

~DeJoria, co-founder and the majority investor in Aubio, said he has known Woolley for decades.

“Scott is an honest man. He has business experience, not directly with what Aubio is doing, but in other areas,” he said. “He got extremely excited about the product and what it could do for people.”~

DeJoria turned to Woolley to lead Aubio following a history of partnerships. Woolley developed his daughter’s drag racing company, Alexis DeJoria Racing. John Paul DeJoria also participated in Woolley’s Five Star Productions, a video production company in Boca Raton. And Woolley is a partner in John Paul Pet Retail Systems in Delray Beach.

WOW!!! John Paul DeJoria sure put many of his companies in now ARRESTED Scott Woolley’s hands…. Remember, Five Star Entertainment ended in claims of FRAUD, money missing, and files missing.

But JUST WAIT AND SEE! More to come. WAIT till you see just what happened to ANOTHER of John Paul DeJoria’s partners!! Coming soon…….

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